Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm really easy to get along with...

...once you learn to worship me.

In so many ways its wrong...but at the same time I love it. It proves how ultimately self obsessed the western world is and makes you wonder who's likely to say it in a normal conversation (I'm thinking Jane from Coupling).

On with work, no-one is here and its skeleton staff across the county, so I'm very happy, but finding it hard to focus...I need a nap...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ah ha!

Here's that nano second I was talking about...

First of all let me mention Maroon 5...

and Dashboard Confessional (though no photo sadly). How amazing! I really enjoyed the entire evening, thanks to Chris and Karen for drinking my beer for me, here's a photo for your troubles...

This is becoming a photo blog...

What's next on the list?

Cheltenham, a weekend with the girls, out celebrating a birthday. Smashing glasses, flavoured vodka shots, and dancing til my feet hurt. I really enjoyed catching up with everyone, hopefully there will be another weekend soon!

And finally...

Bristol, Stoke Gifford, St Michael's Church - always fun and somewhere I miss so much! Lots is happening in the church currently and the new vicar has found his feet very quickly, he even served dinner at the banquet, which was great to see. Everyone is happy and all of the events I went to ran smoothly! Muchos impressed, looking forward to seeing you all again! (yes I've already been invited back!)

Looking great ladies! Thanks once again to The Smiths who had to put up with me for the weekend (Kay, I will bring slippers next time).

I'm off to bed and praying that work isn't too bad tomorrow, though I might get the extra early bus to help with the workload. Me thinks I'm going to be ill for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm going to blog at some point, when I've got a spare nano second or two. Sorry...

I have been very busy at work, social workers do not understand the concept of 'as soon as you know'.

Bristol was amazing as always...looking forward to seeing the Banquet photos!

Off to Makro (yeay) to buy some supplies for the youth group!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Look

So this is how I look now, and will do for a few months maybe! Do you like?

Just quickly, the driving is going well, steady progress towards getting my test done. I've jst got to focus on getting the theory sorted!

I'm cold, so I'm going downstairs to warm up!