Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Filling out the Census

I'm sure if you're a UK resident, you're probably sick of hearing about the Census for 2011 or you're already over it and have sent it off in yesterdays post like I did (on behalf of my parents, who then wondered where it had gotten to!).

If you're a similar age to me, the last census was in the middle of A levels, or just after we'd done our GCSE's. I'm 26 and I am already nostalgic about the last time I sat at the dining room table and filled out a form, with my Dad's help, knowing that I was helping in some way, but not really sure how or why I was having to fill this form out as the fourth person in the house. (At this point I feel sorry for the family with more than four children).

I am now the third person in the house and wondering (probably like my parents) where the last ten years have gone, what have I done that has brought me to the point where I am back at home and what did I think all those years ago about where I would be in ten years.

I certainly thought I would be married and living with my husband, but my world has changed so much that I can't afford a mortgage. I can't see how I will ever afford a mortgage. I thought I would have children, but I am simply not ready, because of the first thing not happening. I have found that I don't really want to bring children up at the moment either.

I know that just because I haven't done these things, doesn't mean I am a failure. I have a job I love doing, with colleagues who support me and a family who were more excited than I was when I started working for the church. It has been a journey and I have used this blog to tell you a little bit about it. At times, I have suffered from randomness and boredom, other times I have been busy, I have not felt happy about blogging what I was going through, so things have been quiet, but I hope that the next ten years will see me blogging still, telling the stories from the past and future hope and dreams. One day, I will set up a mobile blog properly!

Here's to marriage, to children, to a house of my own, to a family that continues to grow and share the love and hope of Christ, in the local area and further afield.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fair trade!

Hello, I am just resting up, whilst at the start of a very busy week. I managed to work 5 and a half hours before 1pm today, which is highly unusual for me, being a youth worker and all, things don't normally start til 10am or at the latest lunch time, so I'm flagging, but I have a meeting later on, so going to bed and staying there for the rest of the day is not an option.

I have been gathering helpers for fairtrade activities for a couple of weeks now and I'm happy to say that the church were willing to help serve the community for the third year in a row. This year we have upped the anti a bit and have started doing breakfast as well as afternoon tea.

People are really excited about fair trade, heck, fair trade is excited about all of the things that are now fair trade, the food, the clothes, the craft, the kitchen stuff!

If you haven't seen the absolutely huge list of suppliers on the high street (and on the interweb) head here. You will be as surprised as I was by this list! Also, I found my fairtrade skinny jeans, on the web, from Marks and Spencer. Woop! Trusty M&S.

These are not just any skinny jeans...

Uh hummmm... yes, moving on.

This weekend has been different from any other. I have spent two straight days in school, dealing with a very sad situation, with my colleagues from schools ministry. It is such a privilege to be asked to help and being the first port of call, knowing that the school recognises that we can help them in their time of need. I spent Saturday morning with a fair trade producer, listening to his story about carrying fruit 5km (and being annoyed by the old women who talking over him - when you travel a couple of 1000 miles to talk about how fair trade has changed your life, you can talk all you like) then Chris and I went over to Basildon to buy pre-made pancakes for this week. I'm cheating a bit, but it is a lot easier this way (and would anyone like a jar of ft chocolate spread. I have 5). Then we went to Lucy's 30th Birthday Party and it was a surprise! I've known Lucy for two years now and we have done lots of fun things together, including living on a boat and celebrating her move to full time youth ministry. This girl is wise and wonderful and full of cracking ideas! I don't go to surprise parties that often and almost played a part in spoiling it for her, but had the sense of mind to be sensible about it. Luke, her boyfriend, had arranged it all and chose an awesome restaurant. We got to sit with some wonderful friends and made some new ones too.

Sunday was busy, with fairtrade stuff, left right and centre, lent things starting and young people to talk to about attending a course for young people, run by Alice. I then had a couple of hours at home and headed to see Alice for the course and promptly got pulling into Looking @ Jesus too!

Here's to the busy life, and the sleep that is needed for it. As part of Lent, I think I might go to bed a little earlier, after being told by someone younger than me that midnight is not sustainable!

I'm also going to stop buying clothes after putting out four bags of clothes a couple of weeks ago. And shoes, no more shoes for lent. I'm not even going to tempt myself by looking at the converse website!