Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two Thirds of the way there!

Another mile stone reached today. I'm now well on my way to being finished - here's the latest video

W're also well on our way to a very busy July... There's a holiday (at the end of the week) and a weekend away at Stubber's the week after, which I'm now an old hand at! My birthday and a special celebration party during the third weekend, by which point I will have finished my cycling, and then finally the run up to Falcon camp, and then actually Falcon camp, I'm not really going to be at church this month... but when I am it will hopefully be really exciting! We have got BBC Essex visiting church, so although I'll be at work really early on my birthday, I'll hopefully have an opportunity to hear the young families and young people on the radio!

Time to get on with work!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

End of week four

It's the end of week for for my cycle and I'm 391km through - that's over half way and I'm really excited about the next 3 weeks as I head towards my goal of 400 miles. The sense of it's nearly over is a strange one, I've had a sometimes tough, sometimes easy month of it. It is a lot easier to cycle when it's cold, it's a lot easier to cycle when you're motivated to do so... it is not easy when you're angry, when you're tired, or when it's so ridiculously hot that your head pounds from standing up.

I hope I'll be finished by my birthday, I want to time it so that I don't have to do a 40min cycle on my last day (purely because I have a really early start at church), so going to 633km up to the 17th is my goal. Here's hoping that going on holiday doesn't disrupt it too much and that I'm not too tired from other things that are going on in the next three weeks.

I will video blog soon and I will remind you to sponsor me - my £1 for a mile is looking dire! http://www.justgiving.com/lizfisher400

Friday, June 25, 2010

Feeling the burn

Thankfully not sunburn! it's so hot here that cycling is becoming difficult, I am still attempting to do 20km a day, when I can fit it in, at the moment though, sleep is in order, since I'm finding it even harder to do that!

I'm taking hayfever tablets to combat grass pollen and I'm really excited about going on holiday next week with Chris.

This season of strawberries and tennis has been exciting, Andy Murray is doing well and although all our women have been knocked out, there was a very exciting visit from the Queen yesterday. It's not something she does every year, so it was nice to see her in sky blue and a very pretty hat! Here's hoping the rain stays away. It's nice to see some frilly skirts too. Wimbledon and football, plus a race this weekend means that there is a lot of sport to keep up with!

CTB are holding their annual Praise in the Park at Lake Meadows on Sunday at 11am, so if you're in the area, come and join us!

There's no Christ Church Summer Party this year due to circumstances beyond our control.

I've spent most of my working day in School - St Johns and Mayflower, talking about God and sex and then finishing well. I'm not going to lie, I find both things really hard some times, particularly in a world that is full of lies and a focus on the negative. Some very interesting conversations came out with a lot of the students. I think when we re-start in September, it's going to be really interesting!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just after I'd done my halfway cycle - I'm actually now on 331km, my maths has suffered a bit from the hayfever (hence the sniffle) and lack for sleep - I some times don't know if I'm coming or going... What I do know is that some people are sponsoring me, for which I am truly grateful... I am some £350 behind my traget though, so if you feel the need please visit my justgiving page.

I'm up late because I'm waiting for my room and body to be a sensible temperature before I try to sleep.

I'm trying to beat my target of 384 this week, considering there are a few days coming up when I can't cycle. I may be able to walk though, but I'll keep tabs on that because it will only be short distances.

In other new, England are through, the longest tennis match still goes on and the churches will meet together on Sunday morning for the annual Praise in the Park...there's also a grand prix going on, and a birthday to plan for...26 soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Giving Blood

I should be shutting down, ready to do some mentoring in town, but I thought I'd say a quick hello, and to make you aware that I did a very cautious 6km this morning. I'm always wary of doing exercise after giving blood and I did feel a little sick and light headed...but I got there and I am well on the way to completing this challenge... I've got 4 days off in a row at the start of July, so I will be working hard either side of that to do the km I need to have a restful last week! Scary stuff that we are now thinking about the end already!

Time to go and do some work!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm attempting a video diary on the prompting of my vicar who is geat at doing this. I'm not so great, but for the time being (until I get hold of some editing software) this will do. Please have a watch and think about sponsoring me - I'm now up to 201km, which is nearly a thrid of the way through. There's plenty of time to for the other 442km!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's been a while since I posted, but the good news is that I have spent the time cycling! As you can see, I've tripled-and-then-some my total of last thursday.

My total for 2 weeks should be 192km, so I'm not very far off, I'll try not to have a day off this week to catch up so that I hit my target for this coming week. My time is coming down as well, I do hit a bit of a brick wall at 10km, but I'm getting through it.

Please sponsor me, if you can. My Just Giving page is just a little to the right!

I'm spreading the word and people are telling me that I look tired so I am telling them that this is the reason.

The other reason is that we are still getting used to having a dog, to the stresses and the communication that needs to happen, to the responsibilities and differences of opinion. Some times an animal will bring people together, other times it will drive them apart.

The other thing that is making me tired is hayfever.

It's a long list of things, but isn't it always that way!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


I've cycled 49km so far... today I'm going to do things a little different, it's going to be quite hot today, so when it gets a little colder later on, I'll do my cycle.

So far, to give you the sort of distance I'm doing, I've gone far enough to get from my house to the outskirts of Hatfield Peverel and back or from my house to jct 27 on the A12.

I still haven't been sponsored though, so my idea to get £1 for every mile I cycle is looking a little bit sad, but I'm hoping everyone will understand that I'm doing this for Stop The Traffik.

Since I spent time working in Bristol, Stop the Traffik has been a charity that I have wanted to do something for, it's taken me a while and a bit of a push...but now that I'm doing it, I really want people to give. It is a worth while cause, there's more traffiking of humans going on now than ever before, and it's being done in secret ways and with a lot of deciption. People are told that their sons and daughters or family members will be treated really well, when actaully they get their passports and identity taken away from them. It's really sad and raising money and awareness is one way of helping out.

So the quest continues, today though I have to go to the Red Cross for some first aid training.