Friday, December 26, 2008

A thoroughly modern Christmas

A thoroughly modern bouquet - a vase of sweets! sadly, you can guess the amount, but you won't be getting any sweets from me!

This Christmas was a little different this year. I spent all of Christmas Eve doing Christingle services, leading them none the less. now I can normally do three Christingles but before it has been 'just for fun' as it were, no direct pressure on me, and not really a huge deal of preparation either but this year, I had to stand at front of church, prepare a power point, write a service order and learn it and remember to light the advent wreath. I also had to do a song sheet and speak to a number of people about how the whole service was going to work. The adrenalin soon wore off at the end of the last service and I came crashing down. It's tough working for 6 hours straight.

Then my sister returned home and after resting for a little bit, we watched the Gavin and Stacy Christmas special...which was a little long and I didn't really get it, because I've never really watched it before. We then headed to church for midnight communion.

All normal so far...other than being really tired.

Christmas Day, I spent the whole day with my family, not really unusual, but we had a change of plan mid-way through December my Nan decided that she was going to spend Christmas in London with my Aunt and Uncle, so no chance of a Christmas dinner at Nan's, which after spending 24 Christmases there, to not be at hers was different. Normally we head to church and then to Nan's where we sit and chat and dinner just appears, this year though, I helped with dinner. I really enjoyed it, I didn't over indulge but had enough to eat and then for the first time in 24 years, we opened all of our presents. After a couple of hours watching TV and playing about with new things, we headed to my cousins for dinner and more presents. I ended the day very tired but happy.

Doing all of this means that Boxing day was unusual too, I've spent part of the day outside and the boys have gone out to a friends house. We would normally have a family dinner and watch tv together, but that hasn't happened.

I feel like I've lost a day somewhere, but I really haven't, it was over a lot quicker than I expected and I've already done some sale shopping!!!

Merry christmas to you all and I hope your celebrations have filled you with joy, just as mine has!

P.S. Don't watch POTC before Christmas, you'll end up watching it twice!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Office

No - I'm not going to talk about how Ricky Gervais only has one acting style or that one of his co-stars is far better than him...

No - I'm going to talk about my office, the hub of all the youth work at Christ Church. Since I began working for the church in July there have been various bits and pieces going on while I've been out of the building, and it's nearly finished, so here are some photos for you...

Ok, so it's a mess at the moment, but it's functioning as a great space for me to check my email, write letters and create talks...

Check out my lazy chair in the corner - from IKEA - an at a third of the cost, that is my bargain buy of the year! I love it! (it does need a cushion though!)

There's still a little bit to do, it's got to be painted, and I've got to find a sensible way of cutting out the draft...

Monday, December 15, 2008

A special Event

Want to meet some new people, but not sure how to? Well, come along to the event above, spend a couple of hours in the company of young adult christians, in a safe environment and in the knowledge that you'll come away knowing more people than when you started!

Search for us on Facebook, you can't miss the bight orange picture that's being used for our publicity! If you're not on facebook and would like to join us, please leave a comment and some contact details and I will get back to you as soon as I can... (I check my blog every day!)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Photo Blog!

Just some of the things I've seen over the past week or so for you to take a look at!

A rainbow above Mayflower School - yes we were stood in the rain, and yes, we all got our phones out to take a picture, whilst Gary proclaimed "That's a sign that God will never again flood the earth, that is!" Brilliant! Isn't it funny how God reassures us?

At the end of the Youthwork Conference on the way home, driving through the countryside - couldn't ignore the sun shining in my eyes - so had to take a couple of photos! We had a really good weekend. I still haven't really thought about it, I can't get my head around the weekend, it started well and had various highlights, Mike Pilavachi, Ben Cantalon and the Sunday morning seminars being the ones I can remember the clearest. God has definitely started speaking to me in a loud and clear voice again, so I've got to keep listening.

The next event was Jen's birthday, here's the lovely lady herself...

Ten of us went out to celebrate her birthday this year. We had a great time at Macaroni Grill (which I've never been to before) and then on to Chicagos, which has had a complete refit and looks absolutely amazing now. We had so much fun, dancing, laughing and eating that we're going to do it all again very soon!

Also, a formal congratulations to Mandy and Rob, who got engaged at the end of November. I'm very happy and can't wait for the wedding!!

And finally...

A packed church for the Advent Carol Service. A lot of work went into making a very special service to celebrate the start of the church year. We welcomed all of the different schools in our district and were blessed with a choir and hundreds of stars to decorate our stunning tree!

I have really loved the last couple of weeks, there's been so much good news. Looking forward to spending the next few preparing for Christmas with friends and family. I don't know if I'm ready for it, or even in the mood really, but whatever happens I'm sure it'll hit me soon and I'll get a little panicky!

P.S. This is for the third time of trying - for some still unexplained reason, connecting to the internet is still hit and miss.