Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heading to Bristol

I'm half way through my holiday, so it must be time to head back to the other side of the country to see my surrogate family. So it's off the see Kay and Jenny, and visit all the old places. I can't believe it's been 2 years since I left, some times it feels like only yesterday, other times it feels like it's a whole other life!

Today I have set up the Wii Fit that I got for my birthday. I soon found out that my Wii Fit age was 36. So I spent an hour and got it down to 26. Practice makes perfect, now I've just got to start losing a little bit of fat and turning it into muscle. I love running and hula hooping, plus the step class! So I'm looking forward to the next couple of months, unlocking all the activites and getting fitter...then perhaps I'll move outdoors!

Tonight I'm going out for a few drinks, to catch up with a couple of people I haven't seen for a long time!

Then it's back to work and back to school all in one heavy rush!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Chris and I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife last night at the Odeon in Colchester.

I've tried to explain the storyline to Chris, with very little success, purely because it is really complicated to do so, without giving huge chunks of the story away. So we went to see the movie, I went out of pure curiosity to see how the director would play it out, I think Chris went just for the clarification!

The movie has some of the elements of the book, but for me the book is far more exciting and fills in the characters a bit more. So I was a little disappointing that we didn't get to properly meet Alicia (Clair's sister) and I imagined Gomez to be taller and skinnier. I will still imagine them this way, the movie didn't have a great effect on my imagination that has been building characters for a few years now.

Still I cried. And passed comment. And knew how it would end. And enjoyed every moment of it. Although sometimes the characters seemed a little cold, and shallow.

There are parts of Claire's and henry's life that you just don't get from the movie, that to me are important in the story.

Read the book first, please.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Critial Fail

If you've never come across the FAIL blog...take a look, by clicking here, and I'll explain why I've started with it...

I've spent a week meandering towards putting together a term programme for Shaken Up! And I'm pleased to say that after a week of umming and ahhing about what we should do for the first term, I've finally come up with a plan and will be posting on facebook shortly about what's going on!

As always though there are paper copies of the programme to be had to.

This term they are slightly different though

They are printed on green paper, well half of them are. Now can you see why the fail blog is linked? This was my second attempt at producing said publicity, and I didn't check the photocopier of white paper, so got green half way through. FAIL!

Things are not going my way today! But it's done, and will be given to members of schools and youth groups over the coming weeks, to entice them through our doors!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Memories

I've been looking at my blog really quickly to see if I ever mentioned my interview for St Michael's, Stoke Gifford, that I had dinner with the founder of and his family, and I don't think I did. The actual post didn't say very much about the day, but was more a couple of photos.

Anyway, the founder of is at a showing of The Time Traveler's Wife, which happens to be one of my favourite novels. Once again, I don't think I've mentioned it before now, which is a little strange, considering that Henry introduced me to it and that was a long time ago! Col is at a showing of the movie, which comes from the novel and I am dying to see it. (Ok, so on further investigation, it turns out I have mentioned the release of the movie before now!)

I'm like a die-hard Harry Potter fan about this. Extremely jealous that there's someone I know seeing it before me and wondering all of the time what it's going to be like, whether the characters are going to be just how I imagine them, or whether the director is going to give me a greater insight to what the characters are like. Which bits are going to be missed out (because we all know you can't fit everything in) and which bits are to be deemed central to the story (though I will tell you that all of it is equally important).

I would go to the premier of this one, if I knew when it was!


My talk on King Josiah went really well on Sunday - lots of people commented on it, though as always, I think I could've done better. Soon I will set up a blog, like those before me (my dad and sister), for the sole purpose of publishing talks and essays etc!

Last weekend was spent with Chris on Saturday, in London, looking around the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. I had a really good time, looking at the history of the earth and the technology that has come from F1 cars. We both got to a point where we just said 'enough' and headed home. London was crazy busy, but we got home ok and in time for me to fall asleep before we had to go out again for drinks and dinner with Chris' friends. We spent Sunday sat in Chris' garden, in the wonderful weather, eating some of the best BBQ food!

Friday night was another Shaken Up summer party. I BBQ'd with an instant BBQ for 16 young people! It was a lot of fun after spending Thursday with the older members of the group at Adventure Island.

This week is recovery and preparation for the new term before holiday!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A quick rant

Dad and I both got really angry yesterday, as the news told us that the names of the couple who killed Baby P were to be released as the restrictions on the reporting of the case were lifted.

Several questions ran through my head and out into our conversation over dinner as the BBC reported on the news.

Why does the public need to know the names? What extra information are they going to get from it?

We know that these people have been given their sentences, we understand that it's been done in the fairest way possible. So having their names and their faces on our tv screens just makes people even angrier and they go looking for relatives.

The only thing that is now certain since the names have been released is that the governemnt will spend money protecting these two (if) when they are freed from prison.

I don't care who they are, I care more about what my tax money is being spent on and am rather annoyed at the press for making so much of this.

Seen as I'm in a generally angry mood, I'm also upset that every programme on a weekday morning from 9am until 1pm on BBC1 at the moment is about money. Particularly the programme 'Trash to Cash' - where families literally get to turn junk in to money by selling it to friends, neighbours, family and other traders, for their own gain. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Whatever happened to saving your wages and giving things to charity shops or properly recycling the object?

Why does everything have to be about money at the moment?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shaping the future

So I have had time to sit and think about various parts of my life over the last three weeks or so, and am blogging that the request of several people who think it is rude for me to leave you all waiting for the next installment. (I'm sure that blogging every day would serve me better as well, sorry everyone).

Firstly, before I reveal my thoughts, I'd promised to do something for someone very special. Well, it could probably be classed as a shameless plug, really, but I think, in my humble opinion that you should all click on the link below

Just because you know you want to spend some time looking at some amazing photographs! And possibly buying one that you really like.

Chris is really talented and I'm a very proud owner of two of his pictures.

This is one of my favourites

This is the original photo, but I've got a copy that's got my surname in place of the drivers surname, and it's framed, and hanging above my bed! I wish I had a Honda Civic, and I wish I could drive it properly!

Ta da, Chris, you're famous!

How do I know Chris? Well, glad you asked, we've been in a relationship for a month nearly, but it seems a lot longer, and I'm not shy about telling people that we met on, I will recommend it to you. I was at an event that Chris was photographing last week and one of the mum's said 'We've probably got one of the fittest photographers in East Essex' - I can tell you that I didn't disagree with her!

So, I have thought more about being on a boat for a little shy of a week and will probably do it again. I had an amazing time, and had completely forgotten what it was like to be involved in the run up to and being on camp. I do love it lots and am grateful that the team Andy and Alice pulled together worked really hard and made camp lots of fun! Despite being constantly put down for my complete lack of skill when it comes to card shuffling and not knowing the first thing about boats, I think that Falcon is a unique camp and a great chance to work with young people full time. Again something I would highly recommend, if you like working with teens!

So this last week I have been running head long into preparation for doing the talk at next weeks 10am service. I'm preaching on King Josiah, who, at the age of 8, found himself a king of a ruined country. A country that didn't believe in God, didn't know what the rules were, let alone follow them and was just plain messy... sound familiar? So my question for the week is what are you doing to change your world? King Josiah was just 26 when he started to rebuild the main temple in Jerusalem...kinda puts my generation to shame really! He turned a whole nation around and honoured God wholly... quite an example for the church to follow!

It's not all been work though. Chris took me out for my birthday shopping trip, and we spent lots of money on many wonderful things, plus I 'helped' him (stood and watched) with an event and met some of the young farmers in the area. I also spent time with some friends from school and my last job, when we celebrated another 25th birthday. As well as spending time with the ladies who help run shaken up, we went for a meal to celebrate the summer holidays and the work that has taken place over the last year. It was a lot of fun but a very busy day!

I also saw my sister before she heads off to Uganda for a couple of weeks, next Sunday. I spent 7 hours in my car the Saturday before, after getting stuck in traffic both ways! It was not fun, but made better by good music, good food and a proper chance to catch up!

I then spent a further three hours in my car the next day, as we had our annual trip to a theme park! Tough going, but well worth it. We managed to get on the Saw ride, which totally panicked me, but was so much fun by the time the ride came to a stop. Quite a lot better than oblivion! I was exhausted the following day as I sat down to review the last couple of months with my line manager and the head of my management committee.

In all my tiredness and excitement though, I am seriously happy right now. With my job and the other parts of life. I am eternally grateful for the church that let me do my first year out...which has lead to so many opportunities!

That's all I have to say for now! I have planning and writing to do this week, plus a couple of events that might happen, but I will write about that when the time comes!