Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Funny life...

Ok so I thought that this training would be more practical than chatty, but I was very wrong! We are being taught classroom management more than anything else amd how to plan lessons rather than planning them. It's very difficult to listen to training that is not subject specific, how on earth can I put a maths example into an RE context...I guess I need a PGCE for that! And by far the most annoying thing - I can see from a mile off who could be a secondary school teacher and who can't! And who the most annoying people are! They are all lovely but Gloucester accents really get me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


We got to Manchester easily, its getting around Manchester in the car that was the hard part! It's ok though, not like we're in reading or something (those of you who know Rob will know the story well, those of you who don't will just have to ask!). It's cool being this high up though, 4th floor, tiny windows (supposedly so no drunk or depressed people can chuck themselves on to the street!). Its nice and a bit of a maze, but fun none the less. I'm going to see where the nearest cinema is and we're going to see Batman Begins!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Financial stability . . . God works

My prayers have been answered in the most obvious way - I have been given so much cash its unbelievable! I know that faith works - my friends received the exact amount of money that they'd sent to Africa. To the pound! It will be used to do Gods work in the most awesome way - a place for homeless people will be secure and free from the worries of looters - something that happens regularly.
I'm also thanking God for putting a housemate in a foreign country with the Salvation Army. She needs to realise God again and be brought back to faith - I'm prayng this summer will be the time!
My exams went really well, so thankyou for all your prayers, keep praying that the summer will go as planned, some things are still up in the air!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm going home....

For less than a day, but its the thought that counts! There are so many people who want to see me its not funny! I've got some cleaning to do before I leave so I'll blog when I've got some time this weekend!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Stress takes its toll

I am not sleeping properly - I was so tired that I slept through an hour and a half of my alarm this morning! There is something very wrong about that, incredibly wrong! I'm far too stress abou my last exam tomorrow, I shouldn't be, I've seen the paper (at least thats the excuse that some people are making for me - you know who you are!). Thats not the case though, the exam becomes a lot harder when you know what the questions are - from my pov. 250 words is what I'm allowed to take in to the exam with me, which means I have the spend the time doing notes and then cutting it down into the final piece. It sucks really. And because I'm not getting the sleep and over sleeping I can't do everything I need to do before I make my trip back to essex on thursday!

ARGH! that seems to be a feature in my life too much at the moment, but how else can I describe tiredness and shock all in one? I'm also trying to cope with knowing that I will be here on my own next year! No third years to tell me how to do things! Just a bunch of guys who think that a smile (and a prayer) will solve everything! Sadly that is not the case!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Revision is sooo boring, but I know I have to do it!
I have been doing it all day so I figure I can rest, I just want to get my next exam oer and done with, its one of those exams that anyone with any sort of Christian knowledge can pass, simple really. I've got to spend two hours tomoro evening writing about Christian ethics on various subject. I feel totally ill-equipped to do that but thats ho I've been feeling for the last few days about exams, God work in my weaknesses - He was really gracious in unlocking the information I needed yesterday! I was relaxed by the time I sat at my desk and the paper wasn't too hard!

So one down, two to go and then a whole load of packing to do, the summer is so crazy, but again God has been really good in giving me time when I need it!

I'm happy but bored with waiting. Patience is a virtue! (along with prudance, courage, temperance, justice, faith, hope and love)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Toilet roll

ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why can't people just take responsibility for things? Why can't they just get over themselves? As my Dad used to say 'Get off your high horse and drink your milk' Please Please Please! I've just about had enough and will be glad that I'm moving out in a week! Back to revision!


I drew a personality pig!

It is truely amazing what you can find on the web!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I'm happy

God has really touched me ths weekend. He has spoken to me so much through everything - He is Big, He can be trusted, and there is a Kingdom that everyone is invited to! We watched King Authur and Bruce Almighty, I'd forgotten how funny the second one is!

I've sorted out my summer, right up until the start of September, but first I have to concentrate on my exams which start on Wednesday! I'm doing so many things over the next couple of weeks, I have to actually remeber to buy tickets for the journey home! Tum te tum....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I can tell you its not telling fibs!

Or revision!

I was told today that one of my housemates 'dobbed me in'. Apparently during the busiest weekend I've had since Easter, I didn't do any washing up. I seem to remember that I was out most of Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday I was finishing an essay that had to (but wasn't due to the same house mate) be handed in. When I was told all of this incriminating evidence I struggled to remember what I'd done over that weekend that meant I couldn't do the washing up! How wrong is that? I couldn't remember because I was that busy. The certain housemate was in an emotional stress of her own, so the washing up wasn't going to be done by her or the person comforting her (uh!). The other person she blame wasn't even in the house (and hasn't been due to family commitments!).

My goodness, its like living in the Big Brother house! Who on earth would want to fight over the washing up and changing the bin? I know we all moan (and I know I do it particularly well!) but just get on with it, and don't think that someone else will do it just because you haven't!

AND finally (I promise), to add insult to injury, she's the one that creates the most dishes!


Any way I can defuse the situation without going 'Oi don't tell lies, B@!*h!'??