Sunday, July 31, 2005


The joys of the boyfrined! I'm in Malvern, keeping my dear henry happy! Its all fun, I love staying at home for the weekend and just flaking out, I didn't get up til 6pm yesterday, summer school exhausted me so much. I had a good week and I'm having a very good weekend.
Church was fun this morning, St Andrews in Malvern is fun, they've had holiday club (80 children - very impressive!) recently, so we had action songs and lots of stories about the mighty God Sword - or Mighty God's word (by the end of the week - can you tell I've done this before!?) I really enjoyed the whole thing, some people less so!
Anyway, back in 'ricay tomoro, so no doubt I'll fill you in more fully on my adventures!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Summer school

40 kids, in their home town, meeting students who are doing or have just completed their degrees and having a whale of a time whilst learning that they can go into HE no matter what their circumstances. These guys and girls are under-achievers, but they are clever kids, funny, on the ball and constantly winding us (staff) up! They al have potential, they all have their lights on upstairs, but the teachers (and the parents probably) have labelled them as no-hopers, guys and girls who would be better off as a shop assistant or mechanic, in a dead end job. Thats so not true, these kids have the intelligence and the ability to arugue their way to the top. Some many of them are intersted in the Uni, its unbelievable. That attitude is thanks to the team around me, we're all so positive and enjoying oursleves, even though the tiredness kicked in on monday afternoon and we're running on adreniline most of the time! We've only really got to know each other since monday but we're working and acting like we've known each other for years!

I would recommend doing AimHigher events to anyone who is currently doing a degree, we need to be aware that we can give teenagers hope, even if the government don't!

Just a brief aside (I'm being dragged kicking and screaming away from this!) Be careful what you publish on the web, you can hurt people without knowing what you are doing.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Results Day

Just a little bit of fun! I've passed everything which is good news, but I know I have to work harder next year to get my average up by a couple of points. That means reading everything and not rushing the writing of an essay.

But for now I'm happy, safe in the knowledge that I can't do worse than a 2.2 unless I completely stop working! I'm just waiting for other important people to get their results and then I'll be even happier!

I have to pack today otherwise I don't get to go to summer school with my head on my shoulders. I'm going for a week so shouldn't have to take too much stuff with me but you really never know with these things!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Burrff day!

Or Birthday as they say every where else.

Man, it has been hectic since I last wrote. The London bombings have happened, my boyfirend turned 21 and so have I now, I've been to two different churches and been across the country twice. I'm so tired but I've enjoyed myself. There's no end to the things I've been thinking about and I can't possibly write them all down in the 40 mins I've got before I go and lead a cell group (something I haven't done for a very long time).

Loyalty is one of those things, and so is worry. I'm loyal to many things, ideas, traditions, people. I've been thinking a lot about love too. These three things seem to be my life at the moment. And it makes me wonder what others a driven by. I know these three aren't in balance in my own life, but I'm pretty certain Love is at the top, by maybe an inch!

Things are good at the moment, really good, and I'm looking forward to the summer lots more than I was before! The 'main event' is out of the way and with one holiday camp cancelled I can concentrait on other things that are happening.

Monday, July 04, 2005

At home...

Ok so now I am back at home, at least until Saturday morning when I begin my jet set lifestyle by traveling to Malvern! I'm looking forward to the next week or so, I've got plenty of things planned. Dinner and drinking mainly! I'm going to see INME next week, which will be good fun, though I know I'll stick out like a sore thumb - a little white girl, who knows only the pop culture that she's been brought up in standing at the back hoping she won't get crushed by bouncing boys! They are a good band, it just makes me wish I didn't have to see them with hundreds of boys who know how to mosh! But spending time with Henry over his birthday is the main thing - then he gets to come here and complain about my music taste whilst drinking! Birthday parties are the best things in the world! I am looking forward to all of it. It kinda of makes living worth while, knowing that I'm going to be surrounded by those people that I have made friends with over 21 years of life, and having that one special person stood next to me while everything goes on around me! I'm going to have a great time this summer and I'm going to do some reading for my diss too!