Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TV Adverts

I love TV adverts at the moment, there are some really clever ones

and some that are just right to lift my mood when I need it the most


That's clearly two people in that jacket... that must've taken a lot of practice to be able to move like that!

I'm sure I have said before that I have a fascination with the way things work... Cadbury's have always flumuxed me! Enjoy! And if you can find something impossible, please share it!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ready for more?

Can you also tell that I'm making a concerted effort to blog again. I need to start writing about things to help me realise the important things in life. 140 characters is not enough! I do think in more than one sentence and I have quite a lot to say, I'm finding new things to be excited about all of the time, sometimes I just need to talk about them.

I am coming back to quoting Romans 8 constantly as a reminder to myself that God will love me, no matter what we go through together.

Here's hoping networked blogs on Facebook catches up with me soon! how social networking has changed my life. Sorry little blog and the audience that keep checking up on me... I will try to get the balance right!


I have mostly spent Bank Holiday re-introducing my friend to Match.com.

The last time I was on Match, was two years ago, and boy, how much has the service changed. It's more expensive, more interactive and generally very different. It is really interesting to see that there are nearly 70,000 people at one time. THAT amazes me. I know there are 60 million-ish people in the UK, but still... who would've thought that it would take off like that AND they are still running adverts for it... it must be worth millions!

Well, it has been interesting to see what is now going on in the world of match and to help someone get back on their feet a little bit too.

Chris and I met through Match and we have not looked back since. I am kinda kicking myself that I deleted all the emails he sent me, cos I thought I wouldn't want to look back at them, but after this weekend I do.

It's just over a week and a half until we go to Le Mans too. we're getting things ready and that means that I have to pack for France, though I don't know what the weather is going to be like! Tomorrow will be the day to get the suitcase down (because the weekend bag will not be big enough) and try to fit the first attempt at packing in! I have grown to love camping since forcing myself to do it with young people in 2008 at SOLID, so I do know what to expect... it's just being in a different country that scares me!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And finally....

If you haven't seen this, you need to. I showed it to my youth group for the first time on Sunday and it went down well I think.

I cry every time I see it. It really brings home to me the love that Jesus has for me and that he will not let go whatever is going on.

'We're convinced that neither death nor life, angels nor demons, nor height or depth or what's to come, can cut us off from the love of God, God is still for us, turn around' (Jonny Parks 'God is still for us' and Romans 8)

Follow Up

or possibly something to do with food.

Eric Lanlard is a little bit of a favourite at the moment... he's been Baking Mad on Channel 4.

Then there's Cupcake Wars and good ol' Duff over at Charm City Cakes. If you've ever seen Ace Of Cakes, you're not missing out at all. I love Man vs Food, though I am completely surprised that the guy who presents the programme hasn't had a heart attack yet.

Too many food programmes when you have Sky and the BBC. I'm still quite glad I missed out on Stacey Solomon on Saturday Kitchen, it's bad enough that she's on an Iceland advert at the moment.

24 Hours

A lot can happen in 24 hours and a new documentary on Channel 4 is showing us the ups and downs of Kings College Hospital Accident and Emergency. 

It has always been interesting to see how documentaries are done, how reality television has changed over the last 10 years or so, since the rise and fall of Big Brother and what affect it has on the people involved.

'24 Hours in A and E' is not very hard hitting, but it does use the experiences of the staff and the reactions of the public to tell stories. The amazement of one professional was quite interesting - I found myself smiling at his disbelief. A man had come in via the 'red' phone, the one that rings when someone is severely ill, he had been trapped, folded in half at the waist and was in danger of losing his life. The staff reacted calmly and quickly to finding out what was wrong, what needed to be fixed and how. The doctor who was overseeing the whole department spent the rest of the programme complimenting his staff on their hard work, on the phone to a loved one and shaking his head in sheer disbelief that this man was still alive.

It was wonderful to see the man who arrived on a bed, get up and walk around his flat at the end of the programme. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing... and Bizarre ER is another programme that proves that the work of the NHS is invaluable to some. although, rather unfortunately I watch it on iPlayer too late at night! I'm not very squeamish so it's not too bad for me, but i do wonder what goes though the directors mind when he's ready to show a mangled finger!

Whatever I'm watching, it tends to be something to do with the emergency services. I love Police Interceptors and the Paramedics in Birmingham that have their own show on 5. I can't believe, still, that there are people who treat the Police, Fire and Ambulance services with contempt, it is really disrespectful and makes their job a lot harder.

For me, I'm hoping that 24 hours will make a difference to Chris, because he's been in bed for nearly that long with something nasty.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post-Easter Blues

After working so hard at Easter and having so many things to do, I have found that people are asking me if I'm ok. Apparently I look really tired. Some of the time I am genuinely tired, I don't sleep well when stressed and I get flustered more easily when I am tired, some of the time I jusy have a lot on my mind and it shows in my face. Really, I think I am still trying to get over all of the things that have happened... I have to think more about what I am doing day to day, but I am processing what I have done and what there is still to do.

My boss and I are having important conversations about the best time-management stratedgy - blocking out days at a time to do the work that needs to be done, well in advance of what is happening, hence I have meetings moving around and am more willing to say no to people, because I do need the tiem to prepare. I still don't get it right some times, but I am learning from my mistakes and taking my days off seriously.

Time for photos briefly before I sign out again...

The happy couple

Sophie and Tim worked really hard and the whole day was really good fun.
I can't get the fully length photo of Chris and I to work, so you will just have to wait to see how beautiful we looked!