Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Finally after a week with a horrible cold I'm back to my normal procrastinating and trying to work. I will get it done! Promise. If I haven't finished this chapter by the end of the week, I will start to worry, although, I'm 2000 words ahead of some people!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Being on the radio!

Ha ha! I'm slowly achieveing world fame! Well, no-one argued with me and apparently I id a good job. I don't know if there will be a sound clip of the show but it was good fun, and I'd do it again if I was asked!
I was really nervous and felt like I was not making any sense but it was good!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ugandan elections

Guess what! I got nervous for no reaso, I wasn't on the radio, but the nice man did phone me and tell me that they wouldn't be able to talk to me! He wished me good luck!
I wanted to be on the radio though!! What do I do now?
I guess I have to go back to teaching RE!!

A debut

I'm going to be on the radio tonight! On BBC World Service, talking about RE in schools. I posted my views (being ill I have some time to surf!) on the BBC website and received a call from a very nice gentleman who asked me about what I'd written! I'm so excited!!

Have a look at what I've said!


I've got a cold, I'm also way behind on what I wanted to do this week and I won't be going out on thursday! One of my housemates has gone out to get me som drugs and food, so I can eat and not die! I feel awful but I have managed to sit myself up to check my email amd blog! I'm not looking forward to the next few days, I know its going to get worse before it gets better, but I really don't want to spend all of my time in bed!

Some good news, well something I'm indifferent about. I had a phone call from Lincoln saying the interview date could be earlier. I'm still not sure if I even want to go that far. I'm meeting the admin lady at uni tomoro so I can get an idea of the amount of places there are here before I go travelling cross country!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bridal Shower...or baby shower?

No I'm not pregnant, but I bet you wondered, didn't you? No happier nws than that, the guy who is overseeing our wedding has just had a baby, well his wife did. We saw him at the Bridal show we went to, spent half the afternoon there, gathering ideas, and formulating plans for table decorations, favors, bridesmaids dresses and cakes! All wonderful things and great to get to know some of the faces I might be dealing with over the next year and a half! I'm keeping it all under my tiara, so that the day for most people will be a lot of fun!!

We were discussing Jesus the Son in Fusion this evenin as part of our trinity series. It's very hard to get anything out of a youth group if they're lectured (or preached, if you prefer) to, and that's how I understand the difference between youth workers and vicars. Vicars are very good at preaching, youth workers are very good at asking questions, both get responses, in different ways. Before you ask, I have no idea which I'm better at!

I'm still in two minds about lincoln.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Doing things for others

There is only so much you can do for someone before they start to over-step the mark. Like posing as them so they can do a stupid amount of modules for their final semester. If you haven't read my blog before you won't have the foggiest idea who I'm on about, if you have and you still don't know, shame on you! I've gone out of my way, so if she starts complaining about work load I will have to slap her.

And no, it's not the universities fault, its the stubborness of the person taking the extra modules.

Though having said that, is it my own fault for letting the person over step the mark? Sometimes I'm just not impressed with my own niceness!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Some forwards are too good to pass up!!

This is me all over!!! Very scary and incredibly funny!

How you know you experienced the 90's:
1) 10p Mr Frosty Ice Pops on long summer days!
2) Gordon the Gopher!
3) You could do or tried to do the Prodigy step. 'You're no good 4 me....'
4) You owned or longed for an Adidas three stripe tracksuit
5) You owned a compilation tape with TOP TUNES such as " Mr Vain", "What is love " and " Rhythm is a dancer " and 'How Bizarre, How Bizarre "
6) Girls thought Blue Mascara was cool!
7) Girls actually fancied Garry Barlow more than Robbie Williams
8) The Racoons! (nuff said)
9) You owned a pair of Nike Air Max, and wore them to death
10) Mr Motivator (What ever happened to him?)
11) Running on the spot dancing! (WAYHEY THE RUNNING MAN... )
12) You wore leggings/cycling shorts with long t-shirts
13) You owned a Bennetton, NafNaf, sweater shop jumper or waistcoat (or bag)
14) Girls owned scrunchies in an array of colours and tacky headbands with their names written on in thick glitter
15) You bought Smash Hits for the song lyrics and the immense amount of stickers that you would stick everywhere!
17) You had a pen pal
18) You could only watch the Simpson's on sky
19) On a Saturday evening you watched Catchphrase, Gladiators, Generation Game, Noels House Party and then Casualty
20) You taped the Pepsi Chartshow on radio one and tired in vain to pause the tape before the annoying guy talked and ruined the whole thing.
21) Cans of Coke were 25p
22) 10p Space Raiders Crisps
23) A grey Fruit of the Loom jumper was a must have
24) Sharkie & George were the crimebusters of the sea
25) Puffa jackets
26) You used the line " it's a free country " every day
27) The Sky Sports Blimp!
28) Impulse body spray for girls
29) Hooch Alcoholic Lemonade (where's it gone?!)
30) 'Don't forget your toothbrush', 'TFI' and Big Breakfast with Chris Evans
31) You had at least one troll
32) You know the dance to Macarena and Saturday Night. You also tried to scat like Scatman John! Bi bat ba ba da bo...
33) You watched Baywatch and longed for the day that Eddie & Sharni got together!
34) You watched Byker Grove 'ha ha ha whatcha laughin at!' (the Theme song ending), and saw PJ get shot in the eye with a paintball!
35) PJ and Duncan not Ant and Dec! Dodgy Pop Not Dodgy Presenting!
36) Shellsuits & bumbags!
37) You longed to live in Beverley Hills 90210
38) Home and Away was a prime time ITV programme watched by millions
39) You owned a Spice Girls album
40) Fruit salads and black jacks!
41) Strike it lucky on a sunday night with Michael Barrymore when he was straight & married
42) Chain letters
43) You had fake ID
44) You remember Todd Landers in Neighbours
45) You religiously watched Saved by the Bell on a Saturday morning!
46) You more than likely lost/nearly lost a wobbly tooth on a wham bar!!
47) CK one (probably the fake one from the market)
48) Going Live, then Live and Kicking was the place to be on a Saturday Morning - you know you remember the number 0181 811 8181
49) You knew every word to the theme tune from Fresh Prince of Bel Air
50) You collected Premier League Stickers and did swops at playtime
51) Girls wore crappy lipstick such as - coffee shimmer, heather shimmer and birthday suit!
52) You wore kickers and wallaby's with the tags hanging from them
53) You thought saying - " I know you are, but what am I " to every cuss that that came your way!
54) " love got the world in motion " with the John Barnes Rap
55) when you used to run away from some thing and shout ' leg iiiiiitt'

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Beware, hands off my spread!!
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I think I deserve a break!!

I've added over 1,200 words to my dissertation in the last day and a half, so I think I'm going to do some shopping. Of course I won't stop completely, I'm only on the 1930's. I've got at least 60 years to cover before friday!! The history of women in the Church of England and society is more complicated that I'd care to imagine! I'm still finding things I should mention!

What to buy?

Monday, February 06, 2006

I was wrong...

...but I still have my doubts.

Housemate has returned the 'stolen' items, claiming a mistake, having got up at 4am and never having seen the wash bag before. Lesson learnt? Don't assume, even at 4am in the morning. Still I haven't got an apology, nor did I get a text telling me housemate had found the wash bag. She jumped to her defence when I joked she had stolen my stuff, like she'd actually done something wrong, when she'd only made a mistake...

Had some sad news, but I'm not going to say anything here.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ghosts and ghouls

Something is stealing my stuff and I don't know why. More chocolate spread has gone missing and so has my wash bag. There were three people in the house last night, two of which don't live here, so someone has moved stuff and not replaced it or stolen my things.

I don't feel safe in this house any more and that freaks me out. I'm meant to be able to trust everyone and not worry about it, because there are so many unwritten rules (please do not tell me they need to be written down) that everyone is aware of and having confronted each member of the house I know someone is lying, which leads me into an insecure place.

Who can I trust now? How do I find out who is lying and not get really angry about it? Do I just lock myself away til June and break all communications with my house?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Torn in half

Have you ever felt so divided you wish you could be in two places at once? Or even more than that? How about wishing that your brain could work on its own, while you had fun?

Thats how I feel. I'm elated that I've spent so much time with Helen and that I got the chance to share with a youth group who listen to my profoundness! I'm also elated that Henry is going to be here very soon.

Two 'buts' - I have been given a date for an interview at Lincoln, its the 4th May, which is too close to my dissertation deadline for me to even give it a second thought. Do universities think that third years have nothing to do 4 weeks before exams start? Hello! Its frustrating, but there is nothing I can do, other than decline or risk it, and I'm not a girl of risk. The other thing is my diss. I have loads to do for it. Nuff sed!

Anybody got a solution? Something that stretches time or gives me a change to enhance my brain power and typing skills (after all you're only as fast as your fingers!)

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I've been Wedding dress shopping in Southampton! It was a very brief experience, but I still enjoy standing in a white dress!! I only got to try on one, but it was a nice one!
The rest of my time here has been good, though I'd forgotten what it was like to rush around for a day! All fun, though I haven't done any work yet!
We watched Crash last night, weird but good, a little like love actually but more complicated and less love.
Back to Cheltenham tomorrow, and spending the weekend with Henry!