Tuesday, November 27, 2007

At work...

Only briefly...the system is down and I'm bored. There is very little to do when this happens, and obviously people's minds wander and temps go missing for a while.

So I've been saving files and looking occupied for the last couple of hours. Joy!

More later on in the week, when hopefully I will have pictures of my new hair style (not just a cut!) and will let you know how the driving is going...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well, well, well...

...a hole in the ground!

Which is precisely where the whole of the England team should be hiding tonight, after an absolutely dismal performance against Croatia.

I think my Mum is right when she says everyone thinks we have the right to be in any football competition, just because we're English (and, if you believe some people, because we practically invented sport). We don't and we need to work harder, with more passion and a belief that we can win, not that it should all be automatic (after all who wants to watch a team who are so big headed they think they can play in their sleep?).

Heads will roll.

So while I'm ripping some CD's to put on my new MP3 player, I'll update you on life.

Work is going really well, I'm balancing stress and happiness quite well, we're only 3 team members down at the moment, and things could be a lot worse. We've had a new temp join us and as we head towards Christmas I'm happy that the hours I'm doing will buy some nice presents!

Work is pretty much all-consuming right now. The new youth group kicked off last week with some success, so I'm happy with that. I'm also volunteering at a school during Friday lunchtimes (ah ha a chance to get out of the office!) which is good fun.

My room is 99% done, just a clock and some pictures to put up, and a bookcase to purchase!

This weekend I'm going to see Phantom of the Opera for a special friend's birthday and last weekend I spent time with my old housemates (which made me ill!). Only one piece of news that has upset me this week - a friend who I thought was going to be around for Christmas and New Year has decided to stay where he is for a little longer...Good for him, I do miss him though!

Right, I'm on my last CD!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beautifully done...

The (almost) finished article! Doesn't it look amazing? Shortly after this photo was taken both of my brothers decided to dive on to the bed.

There are many people to thank for the look of this room - my Mum, who provided support in the form of edge painting, cleaning, new bedding and most importantly lunch on Saturday, my Dad, who filled in all the cracks, built the bed and gave advice, Mandy and Rob who did all of the painting, and my sister for allowing me to have a double bed (cos it wouldn't look right with a single!).

I love it, I can't believe its real and the mattress I'm now sleeping on has made my back problems easier to deal with. Now all I have to worry about is which side I sleep on.

There is a little more to do, you can't see it, but my Dad has helpfully pointed out that I need to finish the window surround and the sill (one coat of gloss and two coats of bright pink). Thats a job for Monday of next week, right now I need to recover from a sore throat.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oi Vey!

What a busy time I'm having!

Last weekend I was taking part in Slum Survivor at the Billericay Baptist Church.
We were raising awareness and money for those who live in slums around the world, in worse conditions than we actually stayed in.
If you'd like to give some money, click on the widget!

We had a guy from CVII come and tell us about his work in Columbia, working with street children. Some of the stories are actually quite shocking, particularly the way the police treat small children. I was actually really shaken by all of them and can't imagine how anyone can treat a child like that. So I'm praying about what I should do.

The rest of my time has been spent preparing my room for some painting. It's going to be pink by the end of the weekend and hopefully with a new bed, which is arriving tomorrow. I've got some help from some very good friend of mine, so fingers crossed, we'll have lots done by the time we have to leave for the fireworks on Saturday evening! Because if we don't I'll be sleeping on the floor for another week!

Work continues to please me, I'm actually getting the hang of it now. We're enjoying a lull in the amount of work we're getting right now, my colleague and I seem to be as on top of things as possible, so when an urgent job comes in there's not a lot of panic... I am enjoying it, there have been a few blonde moments, but generally I'm happy.

I'm also going to be doing some volunteering for Envision during Friday lunch times which will greatly help my application for teacher training (when I get round to it) and will also get me out of the office on a Friday for an hour or so.

Life is good at the moment...I'm lacking a little bit of direction, but I'm happy...hopefully once my bedroom is finished I'll be blogging a bit more.