Thursday, July 07, 2011

Robbie Williams confirms Take That exit - Behind The Music

Robbie Williams confirms Take That exit - Behind The Music

This is totally not a surprise... and actually I am quite pleased that this is happening.

I am a Take That fan and have been since the band began their career all those years ago. When Robbie left the first time, I didn't cry, I was upset when they called it a day but wasn't everyone? It was only every going to be a one term thing and it feels like Robbie has ridden the wave of the Take That come back for all it is worth and decided now to write again and tour off the back of it. What a surprise. I am a little angry about it as well.

I know plenty of people love Robbie so I won't say much more about this, it just not a shock at all.

In other news... transition lessons for year 6 groups have been really good, and finish today. Also, CCS finishes today, so I have to try and remember where I'm going this evening and leave a little early with the food in tow.

Tomorrow we're off to SOLID for the weekend with 11 boys and 3 other leaders. It's going to be an awesome weekend. I do have to print out some more behaviour agreements though, for the boys who haven't signed them! Pray for us, that we will be safe, that we will have an opportunity to chat and that we can connect with what is going on. Pray for changed hearts! (And that we get some sleep!) And for the weather... the list is endless!