Monday, December 21, 2009

It's a Corsa adventure

Not quite a Mini adventure but my escapades in my car over the last 48 hours will go down in history.

Like my sister has said tonight 'everything halts for the snow' and quite literally, it has. Today, I spent 2 hours in my car, not getting even half way to Chelmsford and back. There were no buses for my Dad to get home, so I was charged with collecting him from Galleywood.

It took me ages. I was in the car for longer than it takes me to get to Luton. It was crazy, the problem with the road to Chelmsford is that you don't often know why it it's backed up. It's only a B-road, so gets missed on traffic reports, but crosses an A-road at a crucial point, so if that's closed, it does get blocked up.

The cause of the queue was a crash, from someone turning round by the looks of things. So the police had closed the road.

My adventure also consists of travelling down an ungritted road. My road, which is a steep enough hill, means being really careful and in 2nd gear on the way up.

It's been tough getting around since the snow came down, tomorrow doesn't look any better. But I have managed to do everything I wanted to, I've just got to make sure that as I leave the house tomorrow, I've got everything I need for a day out!

The good news about this week is that, yes it is almost Christmas, but that we've also got a new projector being fitted at church. It's been a long time coming, but I am really excited that we will be able to do a lot more now!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's sNOw good

It's snowed today. Only very lightly, but of course it's on eveyone's lips. We're in below zero conditions (Celsius) at the moment and I am certainly feeling it. I retreated from my office this morning, not really wanting to spend any time in the cold. I'm not 100% again, so being semi-warm (at least from the waist down at the moment) and not completely cold, is better for me. I'm eating porridge and lots of warming foods to keep my core warm and working.

I'm heading towards a very busy Thursday evening... We've got the uniformed organisations carol service, which I'm talking at and then the SMB Christmas party incl. Secret Santa!

The hard work in the cold conditions is taking it's toll. Hopefully I'll be well enough for Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

All by myself

This week has been punctuated by my parents being away. The headed to Barcelona for a few days and they are currently in Kent. This means I get to cook for myself and Chris on various occasions, which I always enjoy when I've got the kitchen to myself.

I'm still in an ongoing battle with the council over the painted line on my road and the lack of parking attendants. Here's an all too familiar sight

It's not good, it means I have to wait to leave my house. I know that these people need to park, but there are restrictions now, so you can't. Find somewhere else, please!

This weekend I'm heading to cheltenham to see my house mates from uni. it's the first time I've seen everyone in 2 years almost so I'm a little excited!