Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wondering what to write...

It's been a weekend where a lot has happened but theres not a lot to say really. Kay was here this weekend, which was really good fun - I enjoy seeing her - we're very similar and have a great laugh together. We lost the rugby, which the whole world knows, and we're all very disappointed with. We could've won, but the quality of rugby wasn't world class in my opinion. Watching the game in a pub with no sound and little atmosphere has been the most interesting, I've never concentrated on a game so much.

This morning in church was interesting. I was approached by a lady who is training to be a Reader (just like my Dad) and asked if I would do some flag waving at the front of church. I've never done it before, but decided to give it a go! (Thanks Kay for your opinion before the service!) It was really good fun, and a lot of people commented on it. Now the next task is to teach the children how to flag wave safely!

So on with the working week, I could do with a half term right about now, but thats not going to happen - a chance to take the wallpaper off the walls though this week and chase up my new bed!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In a winning mood...

Oh yes...just a few hours till we find out who England will play in the Rugby Cup Final. I'm losing my voice from all the shouting I did in the last few minutes of yesterdays match. Truth is we need to play better than we have done for this whole tournament next weekend. Obviously there's that to look forward to next weekend...but Kay is also coming to stay, so I get to share the whole experience with her! Yeay!

I'm in a good mood anyway, yesterday was really good fun, despite all of the stress during the week (both from work and certain family members). If you ever need a caterer in the Chelmsford area, I'd totally recommend Select Sandwiches, the food was really good and a very friendly service.

Chelmsford Cathedral always amazes me.

Anyway,'s my Dad in a dress (cassock actually!)

Enjoy it Dad - now the real work starts (as if!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

A brief interlude...

Only to tell you that work is pretty rotten at the moment, what with the first bout of flu and late summer holidays putting half the team out of action at one point. It mans there is a huge backlog of stuff to do which isn't easy when social workers and operators are phoning up constantly to ask advice/query something. I'm also making mistakes because its not something that is natural to me just yet, and sometime those mistakes take a lot to be corrected.

The stress of it all finally got the better of me this afternoon, and unfortunately I was on the phone to a social worker at the time. Although...what was going on at the time wasn't my fault, we still didn't manage to listen to each other and I got really frustrated with it all.

Despite all of this a prayer was answer during the week, though I won't go into detail, it was a miracle for me, to actually feel something happen, whilst I was praying.

The other prayer that has been answered is the safe delivery of a healthy baby Miles last weekend. Yes I had to sit down and take a deep breath when I was told, and I can't wait to see him and his proud parents at Christmas, though I possibly may not be able to wait that long! Congratulations Ant and Laura!

Right I'm off to do some friday night youth work, and hopefully fill out another CRB form, so I can be offically a part time youth worker for the team ministry.

P.S. Dad's getting licensed as a Reader tomorrow, watch out of the pictures!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Time to blog again!

It's Monday night already! Where did the weekend go?

The good news is that the weekend was brilliant. Friday night was a chance to celebrate Emily's birthday and check out Sam's in Brentwood. Saturday was part recovery, part lots to do day! I've had my hair cut (and promptly got annoyed that it wouldn't do the 'decent' thing this morning before work) and started to learn to drive again.

Sunday was 'Back to Church' day and also Harvest celebration, which was incredibly interesting if last week was your first week in church. I also went over to B&Q to get some paint samples for my room. One bright pink, one a lot paler. Then had my mate over for a couple of games on the Wii. Inevitably there were competitions within competitions and a good night was had by all!

Today, I have tried not to fall asleep at work and have realised I am ill, but only very slightly. I have also put 4 blocks of paint on my wall, I might go for the disco floor look! (Only kidding!) Bright pink is a really good colour on me!