Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On the move...

Not only am I going to Bristol for a couple of days this weekend, I'm also starting a new job on Tuesday morning with the council! Exciting, eh?

The last two weeks have been a little on the crazy side, and so much of a roller coaster, its been hard to get to grips with just what is happening in my life. Just a week ago I was saying goodbye to a very good friend of mine, he's now on a ship somewhere and it's difficult to keep up with him! That was a sad occasion and I'm looking forward to seeing him when he eventually gets back.

Last Friday I was saying hello to Kay, who is a very good friend. I've pretty much spoken to her every day since I left Bristol, now whenever I'm on the phone my parents don't need to ask who I'm talking to! I'm off to see her tomorrow, spend a couple of days in Stoke Gifford before starting my new job. It was really good fun having Kay stay in Billericay for a few days, I really enjoy her company! Unfortunately she'd built Essex up to be something that, well, frankly it isn't and going out on Saturday night didn't much help her impressions! Still we had a lot of fun and we're happy at the end of the night! When she left on Sunday, I was not in a happy mood. The sore throat that I'd gotten from drinking too much completely wiped me out, so I went to bed.

Monday was spent mainly feeling sorry for myself, although I did end up going out with my brother and his mates in the evening. The night started off well, but I hit a point where I just could not be bothered any more. I don't know if you've ever experienced a change in attitude quickly (otherwise known as a mood swing), one thats so quick, you're caught by surprise? I was completely, and I realised that I have been in self destruct mode for a few weeks. I wasn't happy when I woke up on Tuesday and felt even lower walking into the job centre to claim my JSA (which rather ironically I won't have to do any more as my circumstances have changed!), so I'm doing something about it.

That's enough of that! I'm just going to draw your attention to a new link on the side panel. Its the blog of a magazine, and a very good read.

Right, off to pack!!

P.S. How is it that sex sells everything? From Paint (Dulux during Ugly Betty at 11am this morning) to Fabric conditioner - I am so shocked, why can't we just have cute babies and dogs again?

P.P.S. (Because another entry would be crazy) My brother is currently playing music in our drive that is so loud I can hear all of the words, and I would turn it down if the sound system was in the same room. No where to escape!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Theme parks and interviews!

Sunday was Funday - renamed by all those in this photo (except the Bear)

The seven of us had a great time - convincing each other that the rides really aren't that scary, screaming 'look at the view' at the top of a ride, and getting absolutely soaked in the process (thank you very much, Rich). There are a lot more photos on Facebook, if you have it.

I did enjoy the day completely and now I realise I'm not as scared of the rides as most of my friends. It's all about trusting the technology and knowing that even if the harness is a little loose, you're not going to fall out. I expect to fall forward a little cos I'm so tiny. Air, Rita and Nemesis are brilliant, but next time I go to a theme park I want to go on rides that scare me!

On to interviews, I went up to Lakeside today to fill out more forms and had a look while I was there too. Just a waiting game now!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The old ones are the best...

Yes...My Nan in my hoodie...well she was the one that asked for a jumper! I guess I thought I'd never see it, but boy did I laugh when it actually happened!!

We've spent the evening around the BBQ discussing the fun that my brother and his mates are going to have at the V festival next weekend in the tiniest tent ever! I haven't taken a photo of it, but it should be fun never the less. I'm thinking of going out to our garden (they're having a trail run tonight) at 5.30am tomorrow, before I go to Alton Towers, just to wake them up!

Yep, its the almost annual trip to a theme park tomorrow, so I'm going to knock myself out and hope I sleep right through to my 5.30am alarm, unlike I have done in the run up. I've been having all sorts of strange dreams about losing people and shoes on various rides!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I remembered...

what I was going to say yesterday and I've got more to add!

Facebook is a strange phenomenon. There is now a group for The Billericay School Studio Orchestra, which I used to be a part of. I've still got my choir and orchestra t-shirts, floating around somewhere, which proves I don't let go of the past so quickly! It's another strange re-living of an experience I'd almost forgotten - it's at least 7 years since I played in an orchestra or sung in a choir.

Now the school is technology and maths minded, rather than music, which is sad, and again proves that I don't let go of the past...

The other thing is a little bit of a rant. I hate Satnav, well actually young drivers who can't read maps.I'd love to drop them all in the middle of the wilderness and ask them to get home using a map and a compass.

And centers that aren't in England, need I say more?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cassocks and kegs...

I was going to blog, but I can't really remember what I was going to say. I guess it couldn't have been of huge importance!

I've just helped my Dad measure up for his cassock and surplice for his Reader Licencing in October. Very funny that he's going to have to wear the outfit for the day! Looking forward to it though.

Tonight I'm going to play some pool and drink lots with 3 very good friends! I do love being at home!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Look at me! I'm a Simpsons character and I still haven't seen the movie!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Party in the park

I spent a whole afternoon in the park, sat cleverly in the shade, so I didn't get burnt! And I bought a hat, which looks amazing. I've never been so excited about a picnic before, and this one was just tops. The group that used to be my youth have now grown up and I'm really glad to call them my friends. They've each got a brilliant sense of humour and can entertain each other. We do work well as a group and I will be sad to see some of them disappear to uni at the end of summer. (I already know that and I've only been back a week.)

There are other pressing matters in life right now so I really shouldn't be blogging. I have clean clothes to put away, and outfit to sort out for my interview tomorrow and I also have to find my last CRB form! Not quite sure where its vanished to in all of the moving around.

I'm going into London tomorrow, so I think an afternoon in the Tate will do me the world of wonders. I can stare at art for ages and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Seen as Facebook isn't working...I'm going to blog again.

If you haven't been watching Heroes (either on NBC or BBC 2) then you won't want to read this post.

It's absolutely amazing! I've really enjoyed watching it. I've seen three episodes now and I have really fallen for it. People with super powers, some who want them, some who don't, some who aren't quite sure what they are capable of just yet, some who think they have a power and are trying to convince others. I could describe every character, but I won't!

Naturally there are people who have popped up from previous shows/movies. And as always, this has bugged me incredibly, thankfully the good people at have done all the research for me! So now I know that Clea DuVall who plays Audrey Hanson in the show is also Stokes in the movie The Faculty, and Hayden Panettiere (who is very hot, I must say) who plays Claire Bennet was also in Law and Order:SVU and Ally McBeal.

Thank you, I would go insane without you!

Right, I'm off to sit in the sun!

NIghts out, nights in

I've had my fair share of both since I've been back. A whole week! I feel like I should be packing my bag and moving again, but I know that it wouldn't be right, so I'm staying put. So far, so good...sooo good.

I've caught up with pretty much all of my friends and rekindled some old relationships...drank in pubs with people who have grown up spectacularly while I've been away and seen that the influence of a youth worker can still have impact four years down the line. (Yes that youth worker was me!) I've also heard some hilarious stories and realised that some things never actually change, as much as you might want them to, you can just count on some people to be as steady as always.

Whilst Googling Bas Vegas (go on do it!) I came across a Wiki site for Big Brother - really how far does this stuff reach? I have spent this year totally avoiding the whole thing, I can't even tell you the names of the contestants, or even what the house looks like.

Anyway, almost back to normality, except Facebook is down for maintenance this morning! People! Give us some warning! I've got important things to do!