Thursday, May 31, 2007

Being at home...

I've been at home since Sunday and tbh I haven't done a lot. I've slept, seen a few friends and stayed with my sister for two nights in Luton. I've met her babies too! They're simulation children, so they cry, get hungry, get cold and properly scream if you do anything to neglect or harm them. Very realistic, and once you hold one the instinct is to treat it like a real child. It's all part of teaching teenagers the responsibility of parenting when they are young. The lady Karen lent them out to was doing Romance Academy with her teenagers...

Today I have watched my brother play on an Xbox360 game called F.E.A.R. so I've spent the morning getting scared by a computer game...the less I talk about it the better. later on we're going shopping and then eating lots of food at my Nan's.

I have really enjoyed my week so far, it didn't get off to a great start, but its getting better. Tomorrow I'm going to hopefully see where I'm going for an interview in a few weeks time. Then on Saturday its back to Bristol for the last leg of the year... :(

Monday, May 28, 2007

It has been busy...

Lots going on, so just a quick one.

I went for a job interview and didn't get it. Wise words from those around me assure me that God's got better things planned for me.

I helped out on Saturday at Wiz's wedding, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I was exhausted though!

I traveled home on Sunday and did something stupid...more about that at some point...

And today I cleared out my room, with the help of my sister (yes, we share)...and it feels great!

I'm off to Luton...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Radio 1

They just love it don't they - themselves I mean. I've been listening to it all of a good week now, and the music is good (keeps me up to date with pop culture) but they do have a tendency of drawing things out. The Big Weekend happened and they are still harping on about it. Now if you weren't there, or don't know anything about it, it gets a little sickening after 2 days of hearing the same live sets. Which is part of the reason why I love local radio, the music ins't just from the top ten - it spans decades usually (which leaves some people going 'eh, whats this trash?') and they don't harp on about things for days after.

Forgive me for ranting, I love music, don't get me wrong, its a great medium for getting people together, always, but do our musical achievements need to be talked about forever? (Jo Wiley on stage with the Fray (who are awesome))

How's everyone feeling about the current series of Doctor Who? Is it good, bad or just ugly?
I'm enjoying it, I've always said I'm more frightened of the 'human sized' monsters than the CGI monsters - just because the graphics are a little lacking somehow. I've also been watching confidential afterwards, which is a brilliant insight into the world of The Doctor. This weeks episode had me on the edge of my seat!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monday...

Very much so. Its also a day for birthdays, Dad doesn't like to be reminded of his age, so I won't be mean. Check out his blog though, and the comments, its very interesting. It's also Jess' birthday today. She was quite excited in church yesterday evening - today she's 21. So Happy Birthday to you both!

This also means that its less than 2 months til I turn 23. I certainly don't feel 23. What I had planned for the summer, way back in September, isn't happening any more, so thats a little weird, even now. It was one of the things that would propell me almost definitely into independence and adulthood, but like I said, plans have changed. I'm about to go for a job interview, one that may possibly take me further away from home than all of my previous jobs. I still don't know whether this is where I'm meant to be. I hope that it will all become clear very soon. Till then, pray with me.

Looking back, but not that far... last night was a St Mikes Youth Service...more and more of the evening is being planned and run by the young people. It's really encouraging that they are taking the responsibility for the service. Dan's talk was really encouraging. Sex and Sexuality is a difficult subject to talk about! It was great though. He's an excellent speaker...and I've got to follow him, I'm speaking in July...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

P.S. (but I know you're going to read this first)

Trev and I are having a conversation about the music in the office. I think we've both come to conclusion that I probably shouldn't attach my laptop to the beast!

Job interviews

This morning I got confirmation of two interviews that I've been invited to, one happening next Thursday and the other in a couple of weeks. I want to go to both, the problem is that they are both at the end of nowhere. So a nightmare to get to. Both on the coast however, which I think I will enjoy! Watch this space for more news, even if it is a very short entry, from a very tired me.

I've still got a cold. Its all in my nose at the moment, which I hate, because it inevitably leads to an ear infection. So I could be facing days of pain and a course of antibiotics if I'm not careful...all I really want is to stop sneezing...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ok, so two posts in a day...

Isn't it funny how some of the things we feel keep cropping up time and time again, even when situations are different, there are words or phrases, or feelings that are continuous.

For my life its been two things that I know are always going to keep me, (and make me cry in the process) one is the verse in Jeremiah -

For I know the plans I have for you, " declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The other is a verse in Matthew

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Which also appears in a song that keeps cropping up again and again. The last time it was mentioned was here, when I had just found out that my grandad was suffering from cancer. He's been gone for over a year now, but still, God is faithful and I am trying hard to listen.

Writing prayers is hard...

Thats it, that's all I have to say today. Just thought that I'd keep you interested, after all there's no point in having a blog and not writing on it. So I'm taking a very short break from attempting to write the prayers for Sunday morning to blog.

Ok, one more thing. I have a job interview, in Herne, in June. It's ages away but I'm hoping to hear all about it shortly.

Pray for me...

Friday, May 11, 2007

The internet =

The bain of my life. This morning it has decided that it doesn't want to work on the non-admin account, despite gleefully logging into MSN first thing. I don't know why, I really don't care (because there is always a way round these things) but it makes life just that little bit more difficult.

Technical support anyone?

I'm currently sitting in a quiet office, because the boys are at a meeting, so I've got some time to sort out posters, tickets and flyers for the Live Band Night which is coming up in two weeks...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Knocked for 6...

No, I'm not talking about the beginning of the Cricket Season (Sorry Ant). It's more about my entire self giving up for a whole three days... A sore throat that escalated (and probably wasn't helped by the cheering done on Sunday night) to a full blown cold by Monday morning...yes I spent Bank Holiday in bed, grumble...lets hope the next one is a little happier and the next couple of days don't completely wipe me out again, as I'm not 100% just yet.

So I'm catching up on things...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I know you'll read this first, but it really is an after thought.

Something's going on with the nerves in my body, my index finger on my left hand has been tingling since I got up. I know I've got a trapped nerve, but I'm a little worried that it's taking so long of the tingling to go away!

And pray for the job applications that have been sent this week, this is really important for me, as (like I said last week) I'm feeling a lack of direction.

That's all, now we all must get back to work...

The Internet...

Is now better than it was before. Chris, who is amazing, has updated all of the boxes that carry the internet around the building so hence the internet now works and can cope with having two laptops downloading web pages. Which makes my life a whole lot easier, and means it doesn't take 45 min to check emails in the morning! Thank you Chris!

I've been watching Ant dance and sing in the office - the joy of iPods!

I text my little brother this morning for an update on his friend who was involved in a car crash on Monday night. He's ok, but in pain, still in hospital, waiting for an operation. However, my brother (and Trev) is on top of the world after seeing Liverpool go to the Champions League Final last night, after beating Chelsea on penalties (yes they couldn't do it in normal time). Now we've just got to wait and see if Man U can hold their own tonight against AC Milan, which would mean an all English final! Totally going to have to watch that!!