Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dum de dum...

I hate those who have selfish needs. Those who can't see beyond their own (or their boyfriends) nose, those people don't know who they are, but poeple know who I'm talking about! They cause so much unnecessary stess, and should all be sent to somewhere where they have to cope on their own for a matter of weeks, maybe months, just relying on God to give them what they need. I've done it, its a life changng experience, I suggest that if you're in the habit of putting yourself first then seriously consider a trip to a mud hut in the middle of nowhere - and stay there!!
I have to go to Southampton tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it! I get to do tshirt printing, a car wash, litter picking, blessing people (with flowers and cards), singing in a band and shopping! I'm so excited!
I'm having such an awesome time at the moment, and I'm getting some work done! So I haven't got everything done that I did have planned but I am on my way toward those 4000 words (2 essays) I am so annoyed that I don't get to go to my first Dissertation meeting - its weird but I want to get on my way with it, rather than let it wait til September!!

I've been travelling for 5 hours!!

Argh! I hate the underground! stupid delays! I had to wait for an hour and a half to get on a train to travel for 2 hours. I started at 4.53 and finished at 9.48! It's so insane! I'm making sure I can book my tickets next time!
I found out over the last 12 hours that I've got a place at the summer school and I'm also Fire Officer for Bredon this year, on last night ball duties and alternative worship too! Lots of stuff to do! Scary stuff, I've never been a fire and security officer before, its all going to be new to me, and I'm going to have to stop dorm raids this year! I get to have authority! I also get to look after youngest dorm, with Marina! I'm so excited, really tired, but excited! God has given me a year off, almost, He hasn't given me an opportunity to do anything with a large team since Spring Harvest last year, so I'm really really looking forward to building up the young people around me!
Right I have to go to bed!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Back at home...

But only briefly. My laptop has got a virus that means I had to uninstall my Norton and reinstall. I can't reinstall and I can't go on the internet, on a network, without virus protection, so I'm at home waiting for my Dad to get back from work and then I'm off to Luton for a couple of days to see Henry and my sister! (we're going horse riding in the peak district in the summer!) Then back to Cheltenham on wednesday and on to Southampton on Friday for The Noise with the St Andrews lot! Crazy! I was in Cheltenham for all of 14 hours this week end and 8 of those where spent sleeping!!
Southampton is really good, I was being an over exaggerated version of myself the entire time! It was soo good, amd I get to lead worship next week! Something I didn't expect and kind of fell into! Its really good to see that Anglican churches need to be pushed into things!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I've done so much over the last couple of days that I'm really tired at the moment. I went out after writing my essay on monday night, and that was entirely the wrong thing to do! For the last two days I ave felt really tired and dehydrated, I now realise how bad drinking is for me! I'm not impressed with my ability to not drink!
Yesterday was ok, but I didn't really want to sit in my lecture and listen to the most annoying American talk about sexuality. I went shopping and brought stuff I don't normally buy! I got excited about jeans, unusual for me! Then I went to CU to find out what Luke was talking about. He's actallt really good, though I was shocked at how much CU has changed! I'm normally in a really good mood for CU but there was nothing. We didn't have any worship and it was very short, I want Carl back!
Today, I've been at work and sat with Helen before and after her interview! We played pool and I won! I've now got to do my reading for friday and pack for going to Southampton and write an assembly!
Joyful joyful!

Monday, April 18, 2005

4 hours 20 mins later

One essay down two to go! I was over my word count too! Bibliography and all! Finished, now I've just got to do the reading for the seminar on thursday and I've finished the easy part of the degree! I've still got a seen paper to do and two essays that are for Liberating God and Disability and society! Joy only 4000 word and three exams to do! Then I become a 3rd year. Why do I have the feeling that work is going to pick up in the next couple of weeks - this is too easy - I still haven't had a disseration meeting yet!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Drugs...and ants

Fusion almost did a practical session on drugs this evening! But the local constabulary (funny how thats got the word 'stab' in it!! Sorry!) decided to be 'out' all week, very funny! So instead we looked at what the Bible says about drink - my group being a little slow off the mark eventually came out with the prefect modern day equivalent of destorying all of God's good work in someone. Get the leader of alcoholics anonymous to get drunk in front of their group! Ha ha, awesome! 'Make mine a water' was my catch phrase.
Ants, all over our kitchen, due to the hot weather in te last week, they've moved inside due to the rain. The girls thought it would be wise to clean the sink area, which was not where the ants were coming from. They have no idea! They are coming from the area between the sink and the washing machine, from under the skirting board! Mr P is coming round to kill all of them tomoro!
I've got to write a critical review tomoro and then begin my feminist theology essay, by the end of the week! Joy, hopefully this time next week i'll be over 2000 words into the 5500! Going to southampton on friday, with Helen to met some of the people doing the Noise project! Scary!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Feminism is boring...

Ok, so its not too bad, but I have a feeling I've heard it all before. Blah, Blah, Blah. God's not a man, actually, he's a she. God is this and that, everything except gender specific, but due to patriarchy, the super being is male. Why study feminist theology? I dunno, it might do you some good, get you intouch with your inner goddess? 2000 words, I don't think I'm gonna get 200. Still there's always my critial review on the Classical and Modern social theory essay, which is all about gender. *coughs* do you think God is trying to teach me a lesson? Maybe. Well off I go, I have to write 5500 words in the course of 5 weeks - easy peasy!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Washing machine and others

We've got a dead washing machine in our kitchen and the ambulance has not arrived to take it away yet! Sorry I'm having a morbid moment. If this doesn't get fixed very soon I'm goin to have to do a hand wash! Or just wander over to Hardwick and nick a machine! There is no way I'm going into town!
Other things...Interview went really well, I'll hear things from it in about a week! I've had problems with my right knee all day. At one point I was limping, but now I'm fine, so I've probably just bruised it. And finally you'll all be happy to know the RSI is creeping its way back into my life!! Yeah for all the essays I have to write!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ARGH! Interview alert!!

24 hours before I'm meant to be sat in an interview for a summer job and I find out about it! I've got to think about this one cos I can't remember any of the tricks that have got me jobs in the past. I can't even remember what I put on my application form! Good work!! Its £300 that I might need over the summer so I'm not going to take it lightly! Wish me luck.....

Monday, April 11, 2005


My new phone arrived this morning! I get my number changed over by 4pm next monday and then I don't have to worry about forking out over £60 a month, now its going to be £25 a month, cos there is no way I'm going to use 1250 text a month, but I might do! I've seriously lost count of t all and I've got to go into town to cancel all the O2 things I've got going on! I've truned it on for all of two seconds and I'm already impressed! I'm now a nokia user! ARGH!
I also got my loan today, I have to use it sensibly as I've got no savings! Money is going to be really tight this term, if not over the next year as well. I hate the fact that the loans company think I won't need money as I graduate! I'm so not going out next year unless its for a good reason!
Everyoneis back in the house now, with sme promise that they will attend all of their lectures this semester! Bring on the late nights and the qustions! We're all sure we're going to pass!
I'm going to buy some CD's that have been recommended to me!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm bored.....

Yep...thats me. I know I've got stuff to do, but it all takes effort that I don't have or can't be bothered to find. I've just spent the weekend in Malvern with Henry. A tad weird, but not as weird as his friends!! No they are lovely really, if a bit sadistic (making sure I had to down half my pint!), and the views are so good! Malvern is a huge place and very spread out. I will never complain about having to walk for five minutes to go somewhere - we walked for two hours on friday, just to get home!! We could see Cheltenham from Malvern, it was very exciting - shame I normally live in Essex!
I've stupidly agreed to go on Scout camp, though I have to find out dates to see if I can actally go. 7 days in a tent, walking, cycling, swimming - oh heck, I'm gonna have to stop being a girl! (Maybe I can babysit of the main leaders in their caravan!). Church in Malvern was really good, they've been gently shoved into the 21st century, a nice church, full of people who look friendly (but I don't know if they actually are!). The sermon was translated from Ukranian, to Hungarian, to English - good but not affectinve if the guy speaking in english is monotonous!
Oh I just want to cry!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Guess where I am!!

Back in Cheltenham, and life seems important enough to report about again!! Over the last few weeks many things have happened that have been really good for me! My boyfriend met my parents, and I get to meet his tomorrow, we've had some really good long chats and I can't believe we've been going out for 4 1/2 months! I gave blood at the start of this week and will keep giving until I get pregant or seriously ill!! I finished my essays that I needed to do before I got back to Cheltenham and I've caught up with all my friends and still know some of whats going on here! Now all I've got to do is write my bibliographies and I can start on everything else that needs to be done.
I've got a busy nine weeks before I have to pack up and move out! I'm going to a noise project in Southampton and I've got some 5,500 words to write! Plus seeing Henry, helping at Fusion and wrapping up a year of mentoring! I've also got exams and a fancy dress party to plan for, as well as two of my own parties to sort! What can I wear to go to a fancy dress party? Last time I was a devil!