Thursday, April 26, 2007

You have got to be joking...

Having fun with the internet this morning... The only thing that is loading is my page...funny that!

When I find the person who said 'exercise is good for you if you have stomach cramps' I'm going to tell them they got it WRONG. I tried it yesterday and it didn't work, I even took prescribed (to me) drugs, and that didn't help. Absolutely ridicluous, this kind of pain stops you from sleeping as well, so after a rough night, I'm feeling very delicate. Today is not going to be a good one.

One more thing... What is with the BBC's 'opening credits' for the snooker? I've seen it a few times now, being the couch potato that I am (and probably the reason why the running didn't work). I stil haven't figured it out though. Its a white horse and a bull, surrounded by other snooker balls... Sure, I can understand that the horse is the cue ball and the bull is the black, but why those tow animals? Any ideas?

The radio is playing up too, which means listening to Tree 63 so I don't end up throwing the Beast out the very small window!!!

Warning:Do not get on the wrong side of me today!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For a lot of things, but mainly for direction... It must be the time of year, or the fact that I have just come back from Spring Harvest that means I'm doing a lot of thinking right now as to what I'm meant to be doing, over the summer and beyond.

I'm currently sat in the library above a busy coffee shop, which is quite nice really, and it means I get to sit on a sofa!! I'm seriously going to see how far the wireless stretches when it gets hot enough to sit outside...

Yesterday evening we held a social for Youth Alpha+ (Mettle group C) to start off the term, we ate and played Pictionary...a game I never thought could get quite as competitive as it did last night! It was really good fun though, I do love spending time with this group, they are so random and lovely at the same time...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back to Bristol...

Back to earth with a bump...after being at Spring Harvest. I'd forgotten the 'bubble' effect that such an event has on me. For 6 days, I'm away from home, at work, but on holiday, surrounded by people who are serious about being 'One People', who are Christian in every sense of the word. People who are committed to showing God's love to each other and the world.

It's really strange. It was good fun though, I must say I learnt a lot, about the people around me and myself. The whole atmosphere of the week was brilliant, the worship in the Big Top was awesome and the bible teaching each day gave me something different to process.

But we're back in the world now, and praying for God's comfort for those who have lost relatives or were injured in Monday's shootings in Virginia. I'm quite taken by an email that was read out on BBC News 24 which said that this is not a time for a political debate about the rate of gun crime across America, nor the ease of purchasing a is a time for mourning, a time to allow people to grieve what has gone on. I agree.

What do you think?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bank Holiday Madness

No, I am not talking about Sofa sales, kitchen price cuts or hours of discount cars - but trains. Yes, trains. Trains and platform staff, both of whom (yes I know trains can't think) don't seem to have a clue what is going on.

Today I was amongst the 100's of people travelling from Paddington station who were sent away when some kind of incident happened on the tracks just outside the station, causing first great western to cancel all trains going out of paddington, instantly. Leaving me and a few hundred others stranded.

We were told to head to Ealing Broadway where we were promised trains would be starting from to take us the rest of the way. So we finally arrived enmasse at Ealing Broadway, to find only two platforms working, and a serious crowd control problem. The staff at the station did not have a clue how to deal with big angry mobs, who kept seeing first great western trains speed by - knowing that they could be on them, getting to their destinations without a worry in the world.

I finally got to Reading and waited another 50 mins to get a train to Bristol Parkway... of all the times I have been travelling 'cross country, why did the worst journey (so far, and I am not holding my breath!) have to happen the day before Spring Harvest?

So I've filled out a form and I'm sending it off in the hope that I'll get the full price of my ticket refunded because I was delayed for a whole 2 hours 30 mins. And if the train company phone me and say they can't refund my money, I will not be happy!

Any way, Spring Harvest tomorrow, and despite my tiredness, I am looking forward to it...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Being at home...

Comes with all little bits of excitement...

The excitement of Billericay Town Football club being top of the Ryman Premier League, for 4 days in a week!

The excitement of celebrating mt cousins 16th birthday, and realising that the next 5 years are going to be spent celebrating more milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

The excitement (and wonder) of family photos that have been sent to us. Photos that as children in the current family, we've never seen before, time spent spotting various family traits, facial expressions, body language, that have been passed down to my parents and siblings.

You can see the family resemblence! I've seen my grandparents on their wedding day and seen where we get some of it from...

There is a photo of my Grandad and his brother-in-law sitting in a back garden somewhere the day before I was born. Which holds some strangeness and sadness. My parents can't understand why its so weird.

One moment, captured forever, where I existed, but I wasn't born.

My grandad in the garden, with his brother-in-law, enjoying the sun and within a few hours my Gran had passed away, and I was born, my other grandparents celebrated their wedding anniversary too...That was almost 23 years ago.

Its been a little bit of a weird day...but Sunday's a comin'. I'm looking forward to seeing the gang together tomorrow...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

Yes, it's that time of year again...

Good Friday is far from good, I don't know where it gets the name, but I'm sure my Dad will explain it at some point on his blog...He's sat next to me, reading over my shoulder! RUDE! (But you've gotta love wireless Internet, sat watching the TV whilst blogging - bliss!)

So today I've been to church and walked through the town, as part of the Walk of Witness, which seems to be 'an Essex thing' as far as I'm aware. We wander through the town, behind three crosses with banners that say various things about what Jesus went through before the was put on the cross. Its a very public statement, and a time for reflection. It ends with a service in one of the two churches at the end of the high street.

Definitely a solemn time for the church across the world, but as my vicar said (and a guy called Tony Compolo apparently) 'Sunday is coming' - there is a time for celebration on the horizon, even when we're at our lowest, there is always a time for celebration.

Off to check whats going on at SH while I'm online (and before I fall asleep)...

Catching up

I have spent the evening with a very dear friend, catching up on whats going on in her life, and, obviously, sitting in my local (in Billericay) means that I'm going to see people I know, and talk to them too.

Ah, being back at home...I could go into a million cliches about how home is like... but I'll spare you, bacuse I'm nice like that.

I have also been catching up on the forum...lots to say and think about right now. Spring Harvest is just around the corner and I'm away from Stoke Gifford right now, so it's kind of a life line to work!! Sad but true, you've gotta love it. I have a feeling it'll go very quiet while we're on holiday...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Among other things...

Yes I know I should probably go home for a bit...or at least for a walk. But instead I'm sat listening to the radio, trying to focus, whilst getting annoyed at my jumper falling apart. Everything I pick up at the moment seems to fall apart in my hands. Not good really...The seem at the sleeve has unravelled, leaving me with a cold wrist.

Man, I'm tired....

Youth Alpha

Ah what a sad day...Youth Alpha finishes tonight. Our final session is 'How do I make the most of the rest of my life?' and it will, as with every session, be lots of fun. Ben Lillie is our guest speaker, and he's bringing one of his young people too!

I've enjoyed the whole course, I've never done Alpha, like I said, right at the very beginning, but I have learnt loads - from how to order chinese for 14 to planning a whole weekend away. Although Y(MC!)A is ending for the older ones, it is only just beginning for the 11-14's. Thursday is the launch night, Trevor has got a good team to lead the 11-14's through the course.

If you'd like to know more visit

So what's the next thing I'm going to be harping on about for the term after Easter? I don't know, probably YA+ or RE:fresh, maybe even more interviews. Spring Harvest might crop up, there's bound to be a few funny moments - we shall see. I haven't been away with the older St Mikes Youth lot yet, but I am definately looking forward to it.

I will try to label my posts too from now on.

Sorry about the poor joke, although you probably all missed it!

Monday, April 02, 2007


Thank you for all who prayed for me over the weekend. I was at a job interview on Friday, and although I had a really good day, I didn't get the job I'd applied for. You're probably thinking I'm really disappointed, but actually I know there is a job out there that will allow my ministry to develop, I've just got to trust God.

Hence the reason for the blog being strangely quite for a few days. I was busy preparing for the interview. So now, after Palm Sunday, we are heading towards Easter and Spring Harvest.

We were at The Mix yesterday evening and as always I came away from the evening asking questions about my faith and my actions. Really challenging talk and the worship was awesome. I've never felt so calm in such a noisy place.

Keep praying for me...

Oh, and which member of the crowd are you on Palm Sunday? Are you welcoming the King with shouts of acclamation or not? At the front of the crowd, taking in everything, or at the back, not quite sure?