Monday, October 31, 2005


Disneyland was amazing, Paris was even better. If you get the chance to visit, don't pass it by, I found something very special there and I would recommend it for anyone.

Paris holds a place in my heart and will do until I die. Why? I hear you all begging for an answer! I'm engaged to Henry Walker and it happened in Paris, on the third floor of the Eiffel Tower. 984 foot from the floor and some 343 km from home (well London at least) Henry got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I said yes, without a moments thought.

So now I have a Ruby and diamond ring on the third finger of my left hand, to proudly show anyone who dares ask what my half term was like!

Smiles all around!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fond memories

I've just been looking at my Dad's blog and he's got a photo of our time in Tanzania posted. Here's the link for the web page. There are some really interesting photos and my Dad has done a wonderful commentary as well!

I'm going to do some work now! And then I'm off to disneyland for a few days!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Interesting trivia

For those of you who know how sad i am and how much I love spotting random things. I'm watching Starship Troopers at the moment and one of the troopers, Anthony Ruivivar, is in Third Watch, which shows on Channel 4 some times!!

I also know that the body produces two litres of saliva a day. I have lots of other random pieces of info in my head, but you have to get me in quiz mode to get them all out of me!

P.S. The acting is awful!

RSC and trains

The Reduced Shakespeare Company are awesome!! I really enjoyed the eveing! They reduced everything from silent movies to Kung Pow! we even got a bit of the matrix!
I got pulled up on stage with Henry, we were told to do some shopping (walking across the back of the stage) and then a few were picked out for more specific roles. I was chosen for the role of Femme fatal! I've been cast as Sharon Stone!It was so much fun, the guys were really good!

Getting home was a nightmare! I know I've had worse journeys but this was ridiculous. I had to get two buses to get back to cheltenham. So stupid, and I had to pay over the normal price to. Complaining all the way home!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've spent the day in Oxford, learning, hands on about the Oxford Movement (Victorian England). It was all very interesting, if slightly trying, stressed for all the wrong reasons. Over reaction is never a good thing, and I've seen a lot of that today.

Oxford is beautiful, if you every get to visit, if you have, you know what I'm on about. It's one of those places where you wouldn't dare kill a football or walk on the grass, for fear of spoiling the perfection. It's full of grand buildings and an incredible amount of history. I do love being a tourist, I've seen a side of Oxford most people don't.

I did feel stupid though, it has to be said. Oxford is not a place you can walk around without a few books in your hands!!!

Anyway, I'm happy and I will be out like a light in a few moments!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Many things prayed, many more answered!

God is good, most people know that. Take my Dad, he knows and my sister knows too. I'm a stickler for finding God in everything, from my housemates to the news I read every day (even in Sunday match of the Day, the Holy Trinity has just been mentioned, no joke!). It's hard not to see Him in the world we live in, but it is hard to see Him in the natural disasters that we hear so much about. So where do you see God? Is He good to you? Do you thank Him for all the things you see?

I'm going to do some thanking!

Friday, October 14, 2005


I'm going to Disneyland, Paris in 9 days, I am so excited! I'm going with Henry, so we will be like two big kids the entire week, and it's Halloween celebrations while we're there. Of course I will be praying for all the evil in the park!

I'm working, seriously, I've written something that resembles an introduction and now I just have to type it up!

Write a critical evaluation of two or more approaches to Religious education, showing their strengths and weaknesses

Joy! Any ideas!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
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This is a picture of me at my 21st birthday party in Cheltenham. The celebrations lasted a little under 3 months!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Internet at in the house...oh the joy....

... And the pain. Here come endless nights of blogging, shopping and needless searching, playing games etc.... Now where did the spongebob game get to?

The little things in life. I've spent the day in Lincoln, looking at a colloege, with Henry (see below) for teacher training. Mucho impressed, they have a free gym and a wonderful new lecture centre. Problem? There are only ten places for PGCE secondary Religious Education. Scary, but worth while. Its a tiny college, just outside of town, but the Chapel looks so appealing and the CU meet in the Common room - which is huge!! I'm looking forward to applying there though it takes some 3 1/2 hours from Malvern!

If we get in I'm open to anyone staying the night before they have to be in Skegness (Spring Harvest or otherwise!)!!


Henry, my boyfriend
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This was taken when we went to see Lee Evans. I like this picture so much, taken with my new digital camera. I promise I won't post too many pictures, most will go on Flickr!!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

The first of many!

I am officially at the beginning of the end! Sounds dramatic doesn't it?

Well actually its a trifle scary. I had my very first dissertation meeting with my tutor (who else?) this morning! O my goodness! Am I going to go over my word limit or what! And when am I going to write it? I'm far too busy sorting out the internet for my house to care about writing a dissertation!!

We went out last night as a house, for a birthday celebration. But first of all we had jelly and angel delight (try it, you'll love it! Though I think its a 'marmite' food) plus presents and sparklers! Sooo cool! I have the best housemates in the world! Oo we also had pass the parcel! These guys can seriously read my mind! The theme was pink, and everything was pink, I'm not joking! It's a shame the nodding Jesus was dressed in white, but He does have a good excuse!

We got to the club and danced the night away! At one point I thought I'd lost some money, but God was gracious and gave it back to me! Forever Faithful.

One last thing (you know you love it when I ramble) a really cheesy but good thing (I know I can get the word for it, let me know please!)

Called to Relationship with God. God is a good
F aithful - God's loyalty to us is amazing
R ich - His love for us is fulfilling (not money - though He is!)
I ndividual - He calls us by name
E verlasting - Before and behind us
N ear - So close you can breathe Him!
D ispised - He doesn't always hang out with the 'right' people (think earthly, Pharisees and Jesus = lots of anger!)

Cool huh! Start thinking, How good a FRIEND can you be?