Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Passion

We're now half a week away from Easter, having suffered a Bank Holiday or two, it's back to work briefly and doing prep work, catching up on emails, sorting out all of the stuff that is going to happen over the next bank holiday and the next term.

I've already had a wonderfully productive and funny meeting with the schools workers about the half term that already feels so short. It almost shocks me that soon I will be having conversations about Christmas and Harvest. In fact I have been already with some people! How can we invite more people, how can we work with our community, how can we make it inclusive, how can we be better at what we do?

It is a lot of fun at Easter, this year we had a holiday club that I was involved in, albeit in the most background way, but I got to learn how the sound system at church works, after years of abusing it, I know that you can't have things up too loud, or you'll scare yourself as well as the rest of the street!!

We saw a smaller number at Eastingle than we have done in previous years, this was most likely down to the glorious weather we've had and a long holiday before good friday. It is really easy to forget that there is something to be at! But we had a lot of fun remembering the story and eating hot cross buns.

Throughout Holy Week I was expecting texts from The Passion Experience, a different telling of the story of Holy Week, but they didn't arrive and I was less impressed with the facebook and twitter feeds that were supposed to be in real time, but they were talking about the world going dark at midday, which if you read scripture at all, it says 3pm on that friday... so I wasn't really very happy to correct that, but I did any way! I have re-read the tweets (only 39) and some of them are good, but it is just a retelling of the story, Natwivity did better at christmas, for me any way. There is something about only familar characters 'talking' that makes something exciting, for example, we had Peter speaking... but he only denied Jesus once... that's not how it happened, it seems that it has been thought through, but not written well enough for it to really be worth while following, and the phrase 'We Jews do it each year' is just wrong, Passover is so scared for Jewish people and it needs to be treated that way to have a real impact on the Christian community, it is our heritage after all and deserves the proper respect.

The rest of Holy Weekend was spent with Chris' family and family-to-be celebrating the wedding that is coming up. I'm so excited for Tim and Sophie! Looking forward to being involved and watching Chris in his suit!

So you're a little bit up to date with what is going on... Sorry I have been so quiet, my life has actually taken over!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fabulous things!

Few things make my day much like an early morning tweet that is about typography!

If you head to here, you'll really see what I mean by beautiful.

Seriously, some of the detail is amazing and some of the rest of the posts are amazing (even a quick look at restaurants and coffee shops will blow your mind!).

The words of some of the type are really good as well... and I have been really encouraged by the words of Abraham Lincoln recently. People have started to quote him on twitter and I never really knew that it could have the impact it has. Certainly a very good American man, who spoke a lot of sense. I wonder if he knew that he would have a great impact on a little English girl in the 21st century? I don't know the impact on his own country, but I hope there will always people speaking sense.

it's realy time for Easter. I'm preaching on Sunday and then the following friday... lots to do, and now less time to do it in!