Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Let me introduce you...

To a band who have helped me realise a lot. Sabio. Unfortunately they broke up a year or so ago but their album Escape has some awesome lyrics that are Biblically based.

"And if you feed the birds of the sky,
Then how much more will you take care of me?" (From Control, found in Matt 6:26)

"I will be more more popular
With you than my friends
'Cause you've always carried me,
And you will do till the end..." (From Carry me)

My Grandad is getting treatment in the Royal Marsden, they can't remove his lung (thats where his cancer is) cos it will be too stressful for him, but my Nan is happy to travel and hour and a half so he can get treatment every two or three weeks.

I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed.

I wasn't going to blog today but then again....

Don't ever do something that you know will be addictive, its not good for you!
Take blogging and texting, both aren't essential to live yet both have taken over my life in the last few weeks! I've sent over 400 texts in the last two weeks all mainly in Henry's direction and now my phone is going to start costing me money again so I think its high time I looked into transfering on to a contract phone, either now or in the very near future!! Anyone got any idea where I can get 500 texts for free each month - though I don't think 500 will cover a whole month?? #Here we go round the mulberry bush (or the web, depending)# to look for a suitable contract! (PS I want a camera phone!)

Monday, November 29, 2004

One major problem....

...is eating when you know that someone else likes you as much as you like them.
Yes I am struggling with the eating thing cos the happiness I'm feeling is stopping me from doing normal things! Ah heck!! I'm enjoying the whole thing though. I found myself smiling this morning just because!! I know its ultimately the most sickening thing in the world for those who are single and you don't want to hear my gushy-ness, so I'm going to stop.
Today has been productive, I've managed to make a start on my final essay, fair enough, its just making notes but I'm closer to writing it than I was this morning! I've also brought an ultra cool pen because I do need to reward myself and its cheaper than a CD rewards! Its bright pink! I got Di's (my housemates) birthday present as well. Very productive! I've just got to make sure I write my essay now!!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

God given

That's what love is. And the world would not exist with out it.
I'm happy at the moment, Henry phoned me this evening and we chatted for almost an hour!
I have so much work to do and such a small amount of time to do it in!
CU houseparty next weekend and for those of you who now what a houseparty is you'll also know how to pray! Please please please, I'm feeding upwards of 20 people and I know its going to be a struggle especially when I've also gotta be looking for potential committee and doing a prayer room. My best friend won't be there and she's the rock I lean on when I need a rest normally!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Always someone elses problem....

...thats my life. Everyone takes an interest and tries to sort it out for me. You know who you are and I'm going to let you decide what you're doing and how to stop it.
I've felt sick to the stomach since last night because the certain boy had said he'd written a letter to me. This morning when I ran down the stairs to see if there was any post I spotted my name instantly, I only guessed the hand writing would be Henry's. I smiled and my housemate was questioning me "Who's that from?", I replied with the biggest smile and the smallest voice I've got "Henry" I said. And then I disappeared. I thought it was best that I sat down to read it and I was shaking so much I had to steady myself. I'm still shaking at the thought of it. It was really cool to hear from him.
I have work to do, if you wanna know more detail, post a comment!

Friday, November 26, 2004

It'll come back to me eventually....

I knew exactly what I was going to write 2 seconds ago and now I've hit a blank, I really have! I think its because my brain is actually plugged into doing my Psalms essay and I can think of anything else. I'm definitely having one of 'those' weeks, which is ultimately shocking for me, cos I've not been this bad for ages. I think it's because I haven't taken any paracetomol (or prescription drugs) for seven days. That makes me sound like a druggie, but you have to remember that out of nine weeks this term I have been ill for approximately 5. I don't want to do my work, because although I am behind my schedule, I'm ahead of everyone else's! Weird and ultimately crap at the same time. I want to do work I really want to but I'm happier staring at my laptop wondering how a certain boy feels about me!!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Bragging rights are mine!!

I won at pool 3-0!! I'm well happy still. I'm sitting in the Uni computer room waiting for Chapel to roll around. Its all fun! I'm riding on no sleep (or at least what feels like no sleep), I think I may have a cold again and I miss a certain boy!

Patience is a virtue

I was trying to get into my blog yesterday and there were some serious internet problems. So frustrating, but I'm too happy to let it get to me. I've got loads of other things to do, so much that I spent yesterday evening watching Van Helsing! Its a good movie, but we talked all over it, making stupid comments like you do when you've had just enough to drink to be really witty!!
I'm definately still riding on the high from the weekend, although all hell broke loose on Tuesday morning. I was still smiling this morning when I woke up - which doesn't happen that often! We're on thursday and I'm still geting pangs of excitement! I do miss Lu'on and one certain person!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Come the f*** on, Bridget!

Yes I have just returned from what has to be the most predictable movie I've ever seen. Am in very happy mood though and feeling rather like I need a handsome young man and a happy ever after. For those of you who haven't seen it, I won't ruin it. And for those of you who have, I'm sure you understand what I mean when I say Wonder bra!!
I'm in a happy mood cos one certain boy has reciprocated my feelings for him. Its taken quite a long time for it to happen (as it always does with me for some reason) and some people don't exactly agree with it and a lot of people are asking questions!!

Bridget has to get her beauty sleep, she has a prayer breakfast at 6.30 tomoro.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

6 hours later...

...and I'm home.
I've been at my sisters in Lu'on (Luton) all weekend. Its been great fun. Just the right amount of everything ;) We've been clubbing (and got suitably tipsy!) and spent Saturday doing nothing. Henry and Miriam (two very wonderful people) cooked dinner for us and we watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 7.45am so I could eat bacon sandwiches before going to church. I got on a train shortly after 1pm and got home at 7.30pm. Hectic day, but I've got some great memories from the whole weekend. I'm really happy at the moment and if you want to now why, you'll have to ask!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Happiness is the greatest gift I possess

Its great not having anything to do. I've finished all the work I was going to do today and I've still got an hour until I plan to go to bed. Tomorrow I can get up and go to the doctors (the antibiotics haven't worked) and then wander into town to get a prescription if need be, do some shopping, hand in my essay and travel to Luton. Yes tomorrow is going to be stress free until I start travelling! I hate the trains, but there we go, I can't do anything about something that is (about) a billion times heavier than I am and gets stuck when there are 'the wrong sort of leaves on the track'.
I'm happy doing nothing!!


For those of you who have forgotton, my minor is in Sociology, which I enjoy as much as Theology and spend my time accordingly on. Some who are taking SO221 as a 'random' module don't feel the same way. I have just come from a seminar group where the lecturer did all the talking because only 3 people turned up. We had all spent the time, during very busy social lives and whilst writing essays, to read a piece that washed over us intirely so that we struggled to answer the question 'what is this piece saying?' . The poor lecturer was trying to get blood out of a stone, and normally I'm very good at blagging the answers! However, I have emailed the course chairperson (gotta be PC) and expect a humble apology for the classmates who didn't show up at all (and haven't done for the last three weeks).
My question to you is - What is so daunting about a discussion that you don't even turn up to the lecture before it? Its a discussion, you can say something and should expect to at least get one question wrong - I know I did today, and surprise surprise, I'm still ALIVE!!
Right I'm signing off, I've got another lecture (yes I've been to all these seminar groups as well!) and then on to the timed essay!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Mornings do exist, I've seen them...

I'm having a crazy week. I have 6 out of 7 early morings this week. Starting sunday, I've been up before 9am every day! Hopefully I'll have a lie-in on saturday when I go to visit my sister and then it starts all over again. I'm having a night off, which is becoming a regular wednesday thing.
I've got a timed essay tomorrow and the drugs I'm taking aren't working. I'm going to cry if I still can't hear anything by the start of next week. I have accomodated so much that I'm talking quieter than normal, people can't understand me cos they can't hear me!
I'm watching the end of The Mummy Returns and finding it well difficult to concentrate cos I'm worried about everything! Anyway, life goes on and so do I!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The quickest Blog entry in the world

Evening! I've been up since 5am, in london since 11am and in make-up since 1pm. Its now 12am. I've had a long day but I've enjoyed myself greatly and got to see the Christmas lights (shock horror) in London. Christmas is upon us people and if you don't know what its all about take a hint from my MSN name READ THE BIBLE!

Monday, November 15, 2004

God is good

Don't say 'God never answers prayers', its simple not true. God can teach us to appreciate his timing thats for sure!! Take my friend Amy. She had the green light to go to South Africa. God had told her thats where he wanted her to spend the year out she had planned, God gave her everything and then he taught her a lesson. She was put on the waiting list, she was fourth and today after a month of waiting shes finally going. She said to her youth leader last night 'I'm not going to look (at other projects) this week', she hasn't and God is taking her to South Africa. God answers prayers.

One other thing, I'm getting driving lessons in Cheltenham now. As of next monday hopefully. Its taken me 8 weeks to get this far, to pluck up the courage to phone and now I'm waiting for a lady called Karen (funnily enough thats my sisters name and she passed her driving test first time!) to phone and set a time. Hazzar!! I've gotta find the money now! C'mon God!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

History repeats itself

There are times I wish that the girls I live with would be women and tell me to my face that I don't do enough house work. Well actually I wish they'd discover the truth before they bad mouth me behind my back. I came down this afternoon after sleeping for a couple of hours, cos its the only time I can rest and was told that I 'should really do the washing up cos the girls have been saying stuff'. Now believe me when I say, my guests did all their (ad all our) washing up from the night before, I woke up early to clean the bathroom this morning too. Get your facts straight before you go telling me what I have and have not done around the house!

On to happier things. I saw Jez at lunch time (the Christian bloke I fancy). I walked into the pub and there he was, sitting with the couple I set up and another friend. All I could do was say 'hi' in a really stoopid voice. we talked about football really breifly, cos thats were he was going (to watch Cheltenham Town). I enjoyed seeing him but will forever be ribbed by the guys who met him cos they only know that I fancy him!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

One down, two to go!!

Ah the joy of knowing you've finished something before a deadline. Now I can do my reading for my lecture on thursday! Ha ha and prepare for my timed assessment on friday, find the time to pack for going to luton on friday. Does it ever stop? I've got an hour until I need to start preparing for dinner (by actually buying the stuff!!) so I'm going to spend some time chilling and cleaning, oo and eating, eatng is good!!

2,019 words, 16 footnotes and 10 books in my Bibliography, I think I'm getting the hang of this academic thing! I'll let you know what my mark is in four weeks! I'm looking towards getting my Psalms essay off the ground next wednesday after work. That'll take me a week and then I can get started on my Sociology essay. Joy!

To up date things, I still haven't found a driving school and my ear infection is playing up so much that I'm surprised I can hear anything!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Constant ringing!

I love doctors! I now have some pretty little pills (they are red and sunset yellow (so he ingredients say)) to get rid of an ear infection. The doctor I saw actutally said 'Oh my gosh' when he looked into my ear! I've go to stick with the decongestant stuff for my cold, which at the moment tastes minging!

Today had been a good day. I have almost finished my first essay and I'm definately looking forward to writing my Bibliography tomorow before everyone comes round for dinner. I've got 12 footnotes (when 10 is minimum and 15 is average) and I'm 600 words off my target. I'll get it done, I only have to tidy up (bulk out) and write my conclusion and then everyone comes round for dinner!! 4pm tomorrow is my deadline, I'm getting up at 9am!

Toot a la fruit

Yes I'm in a random mood. I've been working in one way or another since 7pm and its almost 1am now. I've got my 1000 word count though its a day late, I should be on my final 500 now, but no. God has other plans. Aimie raided my room, which got me slacking. She took my laptop to show her blokey the rugby tour pictures she got on CD.

I've had a weird day. I saw my ex boyfriend in the middle of my lectures this afternoon. I could not get over how fit he looked for about an hour. Thankfully the girl I was sitting with was oblivious to the fact that I trailed off the middle of a sentence. He didn't spot me but...umm...I had a good time! (actually I don't know what I would've said to him if he'd've come over!)

Talking of boys,Dan phoned me a couple of nights ago to offer his moral support, which was cool. We can be friends and I won't let anyone tell me any different, even if it is Dan telling me.

I get to see a doctor tomorrow for my flu. One of my housemates had a go at me for going to the doctor for a cold. I've got flu, women! She hasn't seen me enough to understand how unwell I am. My dad scared me by telling me that it could turn into a glandular fever thing. ARGH, that's the last thing I want.

Wish me luck!

Post Script (P.S.) The title of tonight's blog was brought to you by Dan's MSN name - call it plagiarism if you want!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Ultimate!

Ha ha, I am a classic head case. a student who is on the verge of finishing an essay two weeks early yet has been procrastinating for the last two hours! I don't know whether I am coming or going, I have been up since 5.40am (13hrs and still going strong). I have not done all the things I hoped to achieve for today and yesterday, so now I am 2 pieces of reading and 400 words behind my target for this evening. I have to get up at 8am tomorrow. I've got at least 4 hours of work to do so I must get going!! The clock is racing toward midight and I need to be runing along side it!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Don't you just love pop-up blockers

I mis-spelt my blog address (because I could not be bothered to find it in favorites) and got about 100 different pop-ups, because my blocker had been turned off! Must remember to NEVER turn off the pop-up blocker off, ever!

I managed to get my word count and then some, so I am rewarding myself by going to a Committee Meeting (HA!) and eating stupid amounts of chocolate, before settling down to write another 400 words (with doing my washing and eating interspersed) before bed time. I'll be half way there by 10pm, you watch me! I have to go to be ridiculously early tonight because I'm up at 5.30am tomorrow for a prayer breakfast with Fusion! I love the fact that I am CRB checked!

I'm procrastinating and I don't care!

There are certain ways I reward myself whilst I'm doing my essays, today's is re-reading what Dan said to me last night on MSN and the promise of a sandwich if I get up to 500 words by the time I have to get ready to go to the committee meeting. It should be easy, I'm enjoying this one immensely! I was despairing this time last week about it, but I had some help from a very special friend. Now I know where I'm going and what I'm doing. Finding the right words for this is difficult, its the first essay I've written for a good 5 months!! Right I'd better get back to it!!

Essays away!

"I thank my God everytime I remember you." Philippians 1 v 3

I'm in the mood to do a little bit of thanking, a lot of thanking. Take a moment and thank God for all the things He has done, in His love, which is never ending. We spend too much time moaning to God in our finite wisdom of 'we know best' - why haven't you given me this? Where is that, which I asked for a couple of weeks ago? Sorry guys, God knows best, and I try to thank Him eveytime I think of His timing. Yes I am human, but I'm a blessed human. I have my faults and weaknesses, I fall down, but I know I will be carried 'even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death' (Ps 23v4).
Everytime I am reminded of God I try to laugh, I want to become a person who says Thankyou, not please.

Ok so the real point? I'm thanking God for Dan. For the weirdness of chatting via a web cam, for the fact that my jaw hurts so much because I can't help but smile while I'm texting him and for the fact that no matter what is going on I know I can count on him to listen to me and that he can count on me. (For those of you who don't know we have kissed and he has a girlfriend, its taken me 6 weeks to realize that I can be friends with him). We've moved on, I wish I could've told him face to face, but that's impossible. I'm happy now, I can move on.

I'm going to thank God some more!

P.S. the essays are off the ground and I've told my field chair that my grandad has got cancer. He said I can get an extension if need be.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


I'm sitting listening to Graham Torrington and though not biblical in the slightest, he has made me realise that guy/girl relationships are severly over-rated. Yes marriage is wonderful and its what we were put on the earth for, but until that day, when I walk toward the Christian bloke who fulfills the second most important trinity (that of Jesus, him and I) in my life, I don't want anything to do with non-christians. Surely we should be more focused on a relationship that means something and the rest will follow? I know its hard but surely looking for God is more productive than looking for a fit bloke (the next catch?).

My Challenge to all who read, and myself, is to look for God. If you don't look for anything else today look for God. If its in a lecture, at work, at church, in a broken relationship, He's gonna be in there some where, and if you can't find Him, you're not looking hard enough!! No matter how bad a situation is (God bless the victims of the Reading tain crash) He's there.


Why won't it just go away?

There are certain things I love: boys who know what they are talking about, people who are happy to admit they are wrong and then drop it, happy teenagers, listerners and people who can laugh at themselves.
Then there are the things I hate: Infections, people who love talking about themselves, hyperactive teenagers, moaners and 'slow' people.
Now I know the last one on the hate list is not particularly nice but I'm fed up of bumping into people who don't have a clue what they are doing. How can society miss such a person? Can someone tell me if common sense is genetic or not?
Any way I have an infection and I'm currently doing the paracetomol/cold and flu relief thing until it either goes away or gets so bad I have to be signed off for a week (which I do not want!). Its definately ear/throat/nose relatedand I'm sure that I'm almost over it! This is the best I've felt in days! And I won't take someone elses perscribed drugs as all of my housemates suggested - its wrong, they weren't prescribed for me, how can you not get that?

Good night!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Washinp up!

I'm all for sharing the house work, but when I'm not actually at the house for 15 hours straight and have to be up at 8am the next day, I can't physically do it, can I?

That was my thought as I read a message from one of my housemates at 8.30am this morning. I live with 5 other girls and I think I easily do the most outside of Uni, which means I'm out most days of the week (currently Saturdays are my only free day and even then I do things in the evening). I went home for the weekend, therefore not creating any dirty dishes, I didn't eat when I came in on Sunday evening at 11pm. On Monday I had a 9.15am lecture which I left early for and then worked all day and did the washing up in the evening, while Aimie had a guest (he was fit and I was standing at the sink!). Tuesday I got up late, had toast for lunch and worked from 2pm in Uni, had a Committee meeting at 4pm, went to a meeting at 6pm and went for a drink at 8pm. I came in and feel asleep. Yesterday I was up at 5am, but refused to get out of bed until it was absolutely necessary (which was still 6.35am), I was out of the house at 7.35am and didn't get back til 10.30pm. I had to be up at 8am today! Now read that again and tell me

  1. When can I do the washing up?
  2. When have I created piles of washing up that deserve a note on the fridge?
  3. Who is the busiest?

I don't need to tell you that the note-writing housemate does not have a job, does not get herself invovled in sports and societies and goes to the gym for an hour a day. Busy? She should try my life, then she might loose her unwanted weight!

And the only reason she's left a note? Because the people she's targeting aren't at home enough for her to have a proper go at them (and believe me I'm being targeted).

Ha! Rant over - I'm off to eat, well force feed myself, I'm ill from doing so much!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Work, what work?

Yes I know, look at the time. I've not got the energy to get off my arse and go to bed, it sucks. I'm so tired and I just want to spend tomoro doing nothing, so I think I'm going to spend half of tomorrow doing nothing. I have to do some reading for my lecture on Friday (time management is an awesome thing) and I have to do some reading for my other essays.
Aimie's dislocated her hip - or at least thats what I'm guessing - with my 20 years of (not) medical knowledge behind me. Surely common sense would say 'if your hip hurts then you've done something bad to it?' I dunno, I'm not a qualified doctor, but once my medical certificate from the Universiiy of Las Vagas comes through the post......
Sorry I'm very tired and I've been listening to Jazz music all evening - don't ask! I dunno how many people read this, but I'm feeling that it's only for my own good a the moment - if anyone feels the need to tell me they get something from this please tell me!
P.S. I'm updating my website so the next week or so is your last chance to see a picture of me that is over 4 years old - http://www.fisher-folk.co.uk click o Liz

Monday, November 01, 2004

Itchy nose!!

Something is eating me. I don't mean mentally I mean literally, I've got bite marks all over my arms and legs and new ones appear every morning. I have a suspicion it's got some thing to do with my bed sheets so i'm having a wash day! Everything is in the washing machine (tiny though it is) and I'm going to do some work, see if I can get all three of my essays off the ground by lunch time. I know I'm ambitious in this but I've been procrastionating for 5 weeks and I feel its time to get my head down. We're half way through term so I'm starting to worry a little.

I'm going to have a productie day!!