Monday, February 28, 2005

The wonders!

Its been snowing all week. It settled once - good, cos I don't need to see any more for another year, but lame cos its only been really light all week!
I'm having an 'issues' day - it started with the lovely uni not having the books I actually NEED for my essay, which is due (discounting the ultra long holiday) soon. I can't believe a lecturer would put a book on a reading list and not make sure that it was actually in the learning centre. Issues.
Then I had problems with one member of our youth group who lunged at me to try and get bopit off me. Its not my bopit (extreme) and it certainly isn't his. He didn't apologise and just shrugged when I asked him to. Helen and I had taken time out of our day, just so we could do their CU and all we got was abuse - teenagers really get on my wick!
The third thing was the girls we were sitting with before Helen's lecture - no one needs to hear that much gossip in one day - or that much swearing. I've become a real sour puss on this. I'm getting fed up of hearing gossip and unnecessary swear words (I have a housemate who borders on turrets - swear words come out of nowhere but manage to find themselves in the middle of a sentence).
But my day was made better by the young child on the bus, since the start of term I've been having baby issues - we've been shon videos and I've been around too many obnoxious children for me to love a little life, but the kid on the bus spoteed my smile (thinking of Henry) and replied! I waved and poked my tongue out and got something very similar back. I've been laughing ever since!
I'm off to have my first meal out this week, and it won't be my last!

Monday, February 21, 2005

What a week....

Life has been a rollercoaster this week. It started with Valentines day (gosh was that this week?), I've had lectures and playscheme. It feels like I've done a year in a week. I was down in Stroud this morning watching Tom (who's sister is in west Africa - I'll do an update for you) playing rugby (winning 51-0!) and back in Cheltenham for lunch and fusion. I helped lead fusion with Helen and it is one of the hardest things I've done in a long time...they don't want to listen to me! We didn't actually have anything planned until 30 mins before we were meant to be at fusion - God is one heck of a character! I wasn't too impressed with some of the behaviour I saw. Two in particular, who have been picked out before, were playing up again. Either its pure arrogance or simply that they a scared to go with God - I dunno...

Amy update - not good. The ship hasn't got any engines and they're not going to Ghana on her birthday. The AC has been off for ages (cabins reach 30 degrees went empty without it) there is no hot water and no freezers to hold food. The ship is really old and falling apart, and because it is so old they can't get the parts to fix it. For all we know she could be on the ship for 6 months - her entire time out there. God's really playing with something, cos half the ship has got some sort of bug too. Not good at all. Please pray for her...and her Mum!

Life is a lot of fun at the moment but I must remember to do some work! I've got reading to do on the train tomoro before I see Henry and I've got to actually start thinking about the question 'Is everything God commands always right?' An ethical issue I'm sure you've got your own answers to....please put them on a postcard or in a comment, thanks..

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why do people have the habit of telling me that its going to snow where they are? Those who know me well will be aware of the fact that I hated Christmas day all because I knew it was snowing in the part of the country where I spend a majority of my time. Essex had glorious sunshine on Christmas Day and Gloucestershire and Worcestershire had snow. Now Essex might get snow and I'm stuck in the warmer part of the country - bluergh. I love snow and the view Cheltenham gets when there is snow on the hills is awesome!
Anyway, I'm having a bit of a rant about lectures too, I know that I have to do reading for a seminar next week and I also know that no one else will do it. The last time this happened I emailed my lecturer and told him that I would not be able to do the assignment because there was no discussion about the article we were meant to read. He has taken it upon himself to tell everyone it is compulsory and if they don't attend it's their own fault. Sociology isn't too bad, Liberating God is awful. The read was 30 pages of 'what if'. How am I meant to understand theories that don't make any sense? The lecture is tomoro so I'll let you know....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Legging it on nothing

Running on empty, in other words!! I've just done my first ever familyspace Playscheme with the Fusion gang. Very interesting, but sleep is the easiest thing to do now, thoug I should work really, but cannot be bothered!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love hurts...

Yep, I'm in a depressive mood. Henry left this morning and I got the saddest email this afternoon (from a friend who is far away). It's something I can do nothing about and I'm feeling a little lost without someone sitting next to me, who constantly makes me laugh and knows when I need to sleep!
Yesterday was great, I really won't bore you with the details, thats for me to hang on to with sentimentality! The first Valentines Day I have enjoyed in my life and one I will remember for a long time! A certain houseate got a huge bunch of flowers from a guy that she'd split with the week before...some guys can not take 'no' for 'no way'!
I'm having some issues with CU at the moment, we're swapping committee over but I've still got to do everything in the way of worship. I'm going to hand all the prayer stuff over tody so I shouldn't have many more problems prayer wise! It all fun!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

lack of everything

Because it is the start of term, I don't have any work to do, though I should probably try to get ahead of myself so that later on in the term I'm not worrying about deadlines. I should also concern myself with the fact that I'm leading fusion in a couple of weeks. But I'm not. I realise that the next two days are absolutely shot, and I won't get any work done. In fact from here until friday I'm totally busy! Maybe I should do some work....but really, I'm feeling totally lacking. I should get my critical review out of the way so I don't have to do it over Easter, but I have got five weeks to do two essays, so..? Argh, I hate apathy, especially when I'm the one being apathic!

Friday, February 11, 2005

I know I'm probably breaking all copyright laws but... have to see these dresses! They are all really cool, nicked from The Times (do I have to give them some money now?) and I feel that my loan would be well spent (but won't cover the cost!) if I brought one! Ummm...
Today has been really good. My lectures weren't too bad, though I have fried my brain, and will do every friday for 12 weeks (with a huge 5 week break in the middle) and then exams! If you think RE is a doss subject think again. I challenge you to read anything by Moltmann or Reuter - then see how you feel about religion!
Off to have dinner with the nicest newlyweds I know - Alex and Di. Scary thing is they are both 22 and have a mortgage. Not somewhere I would feel the need to be at that age! It's only a year and a half away....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

17 hours later....

What a long day....I'm going to bed very soon too. I have to get up at 8am tomoro.
I didn't get to prayer breakfast and I will be very angry at any member of Fusion who gets annoyed with Helen. Would you want to get up at 5.15 i you had see 4.30? I certainly wouldn't, she had every right to sleep til 7.20! Only people who are really selfish would be angry...
Two things did make my day though. I got to talk to one of my mentees about God and the Bible, theres a connection there and I hope that he comes to see me after half term. The second thing was the photo I got from Henry!
A mixed day...I'm very proud of all the Fusion members that took part in their school play this week but I'm missing everyone I love who can't be in Cheltenham.

Prayer Breakfast

I'm meant to be sitting in the Fusion room in Ben's house eating coissants and praying. Instead after waiting for 30mins in the cold I'm back inside wondering where Helen is. She's normally on time and normally answers my phone call, today was different. A No show, no warning from either her or Ben, so I'm wondering whats going on. I was meant to be out from 6.30am and I've aleady been up an hour and a half - I could still be in bed! I'm not angry, just very worried!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Semester 2 week 2

I can't believe I am a sixth of the way through the last semester of the year already!! It truely sucks! I still want to have a holiday and really don't want to start work just yet.
But onwards I go, planning my work, with my own deadlines and making sure I can fit Henry and friends in too!!
Living in this house is getting harder for me. I'm slowly realising that I am actually in the middle of a conflict that runs far deeper than the depths of Hades (ok I know I'm exaggerating - but it does feel like that). I can't escape and life will get harder for me. Thankfully there are a mere 3 weeks until everyone disappears, which reminds me I have to buy a suitcase!! Mum?! Dad?!
I'm seeing Henry on Sunday and then its Valentines Day on Monday ;) really looking forward to it this year!!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

A week today... the next time I'm seeing Henry. The last four days has been really good...well apart from housemates fighting (drunken story really not worth repeating!). I was in lectures all day on friday which was really hard, though I actually managed to stay awake after only four hours sleep. I've found out when all my essays have to be handed in and how many exams I've got. I'm looking forward to this term. 5 weeks at Easter is starting to be a good thing.
Life is good, work is good, fusion is fusion. God had me crying a the Path last night, I dunno why. I'm feeling like I'm going along with God's plans and need to get to the end of my degree before I ask God for another goal. Its good being this sure about day to day life!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I've hit a nasty low. I'm ill and I start lectures tomorrow and I feel totally unprepared for them. On top of that I have one housemate who thinks I'm seriously stressed at her just because I told her I'm not used to people using my stuff without asking. Yes 'whats mine is yours' and all that but I'm not married to her so she needs to ask if using my things is ok. I have a problem with it. I have to ask eveytime I want something from someone else, I don't assume its ok, I'd feel rude if I did. It is polite to say 'please', 'thankyou' and 'sorry'. So I'm going to say sorry when she stops texting me to ask me if shes done anything wrong. C'mon how bad can you get - we were in the same room!!

Any way I spent an hour and a half on the phone to Henry discussing everything from different types of people to Marcus (who is some kind of Alien, I think). It was so cool. I do love talking to him, I end up laughing from the moment I pick up the phone to, well I dont ever stop! (Sickening I know, but I can't help myself!)

Lectures start in 11 hours! Bleurgh! Drug myself up and sit through two hours of 'Disability and Society'. Joy