Monday, August 20, 2012


BBC - Newsbeat - UK 'too heavy-handed' with Twitter and online trolls

Trolling - it depends who you listen to, as to whether trolling is the most awful thing in the world, or it's just done to annoy people, who struggle with grammar and spelling.

The article above is about the dealings of the British Police, who are heavy handed it seems when dealing with people who say horrible things to (often very famous) people, on Twitter and facebook. Britain arrests and prosecutes people who have been very nasty or racist etc, and they go to jail for seemingly speaking their mind.

It's a tough one, do we see what someone has written at face value and punish accordingly, or do we figure out what has been said? How far can it go? When does 'freedom of speech' cross a line, is there a line?

I don't know the answers and I would quite like to hear what you have to say...

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yesterday evening (pre-recorded), whilst Mike P from Soul Survivor was talking about worship... about it being a sacrifice, something we should give to God, because we love Him.

At the same time, I was writing a blog, complaining about worship... but not worship, the people that have written some of the songs that we sing at church. Mike P then convicted me (perhaps actually it was God!) and I deleted the post, for the first time ever. I felt awful, how could I complain about something that is a sacrifice - Mike P even said that we should sing with our whole hearts, that we shouldn't grumble when we hate a song, but actually I think he's wrong.

What if the song is theologically incorrect? It doesn't happen very often, but if you think what is being said doesn't sit with your sense of God, you shouldn't just sing it blindly... or if you're singing something you don't understand, is that appropriate or helpful either. I love imagery, so the song These are the days of Elijah is great for me, but others would think I was weird for singing it aloud! I get it, but others don't, so is that right?

My thought that I deleted was about song writers who write in funny keys, so it is near impossible to sing if you have a normal range voice (as I do), normally, it's too high and if you don't have years of learning how to harmonize, you haven't got a chance. So you have to sing like a man, which is equally as painful. Even at one point, Beth Croft struggled with a song - too high. If you don't know how to transpose, you don't have a chance either.

I think I have a point, I think that bringing your all to worship the King of kings is a really key idea, I can't imagine what the church would look like with sacrificial worship, rather than some awfully sung songs for 20 mins on any given Sunday!! It would be different that's for sure.

But no-one wants to sound like a strangled cat, no matter how much the phrase 'it's all heavenly to God' is used... so if you are a song writer, don't write in a key so that you can sing it well, but if you have to, when it becomes mass produced, please change the key, so that when a congregation sings it, we're not straining to reach difficult notes. I have heard many a time 'that's a lovely song, but it's not a song for the congregation'. If you're doing it for yourself, you're doing it wrong, if you're doing it for the glory of God, the church will see that and sing with you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Labels are Powerful

What does yours say?

I love this advert and I think I could build a whole lesson around it. It's a silly way of getting across a serious message... everyone gets a label at some point in their life. It is important that we try not to label or stereotype people.

I could use the episode of Glee where they have t-shirts with the things that they don't like about themsleves, and talk about bullying, which is often provoked by the labels we give people.

And for the sprinkling of faith, I could end with cardboard testimonies and talk about how we can change our labels, but ultimately Christ will change us more than anyone else... if we accept him as Saviour.

Right, were is a classroom full of young people eager to learn abstract ideas about life?? Oh wait... there's still a couple of weeks till term starts... bummer, better keep this one in a file somewhere of great ideas.

Paralympic Tickets

They are pretty hard to come by, but today, I got Mum and myself 2 day passes for the excel center - not quite sure if we'll see anything at all, because I really don't know how it works, but still, I am making an effort. Mum wanted to go, so we're attempting it, at a cost of £26... we'll have a little of the Paralympics all to ourselves on a Wednesday afternoon. She wants to walk around the Park as well, but those tickets are like gold dust, so I will keep trying! :) Would be great if I could surprise her with that. If anyone has Wheelchair Basketball tickets, please let me know.

This week, work is taking a slow one. I woke up thinking I would be ready for work by 10am, turns out I can sleep for England when I'm supposed to be working. it's nice to be able to work at a slower pace, with a lot of time on my hands, a lot to do though. Time to get back to it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics

It's all over... unlike the beginning, which starts slowly and builds to an opening ceremony, the ending is much more definite and absolute. Watching the flame being extinguished (well, having the gas turned off) was strange. Sixteen days of competition is over, in a moment.

There are so many moments that will be remembered, from Mo and his achievements to Oscar and his world first. In and out of competition, it seems we have done really well. The BBC have excelled themselves (though showing the same montage three times was a bit rubbish) and the competitors have shocked everyone with their humility and thankfulness. The volunteers have turned up, tirelessly and so have our armed forces.

Well done everyone. I am proud of it all.

I am still struggling with those who were allowed to compete so that their countries didn't get thrown out. I haven't figured out which countries are missing and I would really like Rio 2016 to be just a good.

And I loved Take That so much, it made me cry and seeing a photo of them today made me cry.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Time away!

Good afternoon! (If you knew how long it took me to write 'good' just then, you'd wonder why I'm even bothering!)

I am bothering though, so that I can update you on all the things that have happened since SOLID. It seems like an age ago. so bear with me for a moment!

The last couple of weeks have seen several significant events. Firstly and foremostly, my birthday, you can read a decades worth of adult life here, and see just how much life has changed. I said goodbye to my sister and her husband, and they are now gallivanting round the States, no doubt doing a lot of fun things. I took three days off over my birthday, and they were days I needed, I ended up doing loads, but it was well worth not doing any work!

Then I spent a week preparing for Falcon Afloat. I also visited Guide Camp for the first time ever and said hello again to Verity. She was very sneaky about coming home, but it was really lovely to see her again and listen to all the stories she has, seeing how much she's grown up over the last year and how she's adjusting to the world now she can drink out of a glass and eat cheese!

Saturday came around all too quickly and I found myself travelling to Hutton to meet the team and do all the final bits of prep for going to Tollesbury and living outside of the world for a week. Being part of Falcon has become a pilgrimage, walking up and down the path to the boat is one of the joyful things in my life and made all the better by talking to young people about their hopes and fears for what they would go back to. I have a lot of young people and adults to pray for now. I miss it too. We had our highs and lows, I stepped through my fear of high places (but didn't quite conquer it) and I am still saying I ought to go on a sailing course. It was so good to see team members again and make new friends. We're already looking forward to next year!

Trinity with a new coat of paint

The Friday after Falcon (after being at home for 11 hours) I was on the road going south to see my friend get married and to be a bridesmaid for the fourth time. I have never had so much fun with two families and I hope that the friends I have made will continue to grow and we won't forget each other.  I have a beautiful dress that unfortunately broke on the day, but there are some really nice photos of me in it...

Waiting for photos to be taken!
This week I have been relaxing, watching the Olympics and shopping. I have full cupboards and freezer, so that makes me happy and I feel incredibly blessed that I have the ability to do so. I'm going to the cinema tonight and pub on Thursday to catch up with my friends! :)