Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finishing Touches

I have been in my new flat for a little over a month now. I am just settling in, work has (and never is) not been normal recently, so some days I come home and slump in my chair (sofa is imminent) and other days I am feeling nervous about being on my own. I keep adding things to what I have. Some people have given me things (thank you very much) and I have been buying things as well. So here's a couple of pictures of the finishing touches after my Dad said that I needed something to 'finish off' my bookcase.
Lounge Window

Hall Table (which I know Mandy will love!)

Bookcase a la Elephants (Thank you Kerrie!)

And finally my bedroom window.

Currently I can not decorate, hence the plain looking walls, but I can jazz up the windows, and there's the furniture as well.Also what you can't see and won't see is the mess! Today, I have been unscrewing the stupid bins in the magical cupboard to make way for the hoover. So everything is put away now! And if you only looked in the cupboard you would think I was a perfectionist! and if you looked in the sink you'd think I never did the washing up and lastly if you looked next to the fridge, you'd think I was an alcoholic!!!

Here's hoping for a post-Easter house warming and eventually some colour on the walls!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have made a little video for the Girl Guiding groups in Billericay. They are in need of some help, especially with Rainbows.

It is so sad that packs are closing down because there aren't enough leaders. If you know of a pack, please offer your help, obviously if it is appropriate for your situation.

I am a Brownie leader and I love it, so much. I almost cried in church this morning because I don't want anyone to miss out. Please help where and when you can.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Beautiful Things

Levitate Architecture and Design Studio : Bookcase Staircase, London

Apologies for the silence recently, but I have been taking stock of things, moving house and finding myself in places where I thought I wouldn't really be!

Here's something beautiful for you to cast your eyes over if you have a moment.

And I promise that when I have the broadband installed in my new flat I will show you all how wonderful it is!