Friday, November 30, 2012

YWC2012 - Part 2 and Part 3

Just a quick 10 min blog, before I go into school about Friday evening.

It's hard to believe that it was a week ago that we went from being a small number to something much larger. Nearly 1000 youth workers, I am told, gathered on Friday in anticipation of a weekend of teaching, hearing form God and general banter about the profession we have all been called to (though there are some people that don't know it yet!).

Big stage worship was just awesome, we were sat at the back of the auditorium, so could see all that was going on. A good view!

Sadly, from Friday night, I didn't write much down. My tweets talk of prayers - for the second time, we were asked to pray for the people either side of us, which is good if you have a real heart for that, sadly, I go very quiet when I am asked to pray for people I know and those I don't. When it spills out of me, that is a different matter.

Right, still haven't even started, and I have got to go to school, I need to learn to type quicker!

Part 3 to Part n coming shortly!

Part 3

School was a bit of a whirlwind! But I'm back in the office contemplating my next move (heading out to buy ingredients for Brownies that I forgot to bring from home!) as well as getting warm again after being stood in the cold for 2 hours!

The rest of Friday was all about what Rachel Gardner had to say to us. She was talking about blazing with a light that is contagious - that's the one tweet I have from her talk, and I think it is a rather important point for our world to know, that we have the Holy Spirit inside of us and we should let Him shine.

We watched a video by Emile Sande, who is the darling of the British music scene at the moment.

A brilliant video, which I will be showing my young people/facebooking.

We are full of wonder... do you live like that is true? We often talk about being scientific miracles. We are complex. We are known by God. We are loved by God and we are fearfully and wonderfully created. How often do you live like that, full in that knowledge?

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