Saturday, May 03, 2014

Counting the days

I am a week away from getting married.

All of the conversations I have start with 'are you excited?' And finish with 'see you on your big day'. I get to talk about the things I am doing. I am thinking in equal quantities about work and wedding. I am trying to make sure things run smoothly in my longest absence during term time since starting my job. People are reassuring me 'if it's not done now don't worry about it' 'you will find a way to it figure out'.

I am organised... 4 months has flown by, but by the time I am married it will be it will be less than 1 hundredth of my life that I have spent planning for it. 

I am ready... I looked back at the post titled 'a decade' and wrote how I had one of the biggest surprises of my life as I turned 28. My 18th birthday was my only surprise party to date, my 28th birthday was my surprise cake from my now husband to be. Exactly 10 years apart, 2 incredible things happened and love played a major part in both. God played a major part in all of it. And I can see his hand all over it... From the tiny details to those events I consider to be the big events.

I know I am blessed to be in this position. I know I am looking forward to it. I know God is with me as I start married life.

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Diwakar said...

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